Evolve Digital Labs — FIELD TRIP!

We went on an adventure this week in PBandJterm! We took a little road trip to visit Evolve Digital Labs.

A first impression of this company is already established when you enter their office and climb up the stairs to the main office space and you are greeted with a space that has clearly been designed to benefit both client and company.

Providing inspirations to the client immediately is Evolve’s choice company tag line “Seek the Truth” that is strategically placed throughout the office. Also seen painted across the walls are snippets of inspirational phrases “Make it Great” and “Attacking this day with Enthusiasm Unknown to Mankind.”

The color scheme, array of furniture and functional office desks, lounges and conference areas are all optimized for company performance and client satisfaction and comfort.

While visiting Evolve I got to listen to Aaron Stevens (Sr. Digital Strategist) speak about what exactly this company does and how it helps their clients. Specifically how content applies to their clients and how they use that to maximize their clients ROI, internet traffic, and conversion rate.

Key words for this company in our talk session — Search Engine Optimization (SEO). They use many tips, tricks and tools to benefit their clients through analysis of keywords as well as data analysis through the web’s search engines.

What I can take away from this field trip as a music business student is this… everything is connected online. There are ways to make your presence online work at its best to maximize your exposure to your field and benefit you and your career.

You can reach out to topics online and connect yourself to those to gain more viewership from people who may not even be specifically looking for you or your product/service, but through SEO they become introduced to you and what you have to offer.

This concept is applicable in general as well, making connections whether it’s online or in person or through any other means, tying yourself to certain topics, certain people etc. can put yourself and your brand out there to the world in ways that will bring more and more people to your brand and image.

Overall, our trip to Evolve Digital Labs was one that was insightful and exposed me to a business concept I had otherwise not been aware of. Thank you to their staff for allowing us students to intrude on their busy day of work to learn more about this industry!

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