Sigh. This delusional thinking is the root of most modern capitalist abuse.
Joshua Yearsley

Delusional? I’ve seen a few things pop up similar to this post in the last couple of days and on each piece of content there are negative people commenting on the possibility of being happy with your working life. How is that so hard to believe? Why is it delusional? If you work hard enough you will find a job you love and you will love the work that you do.

Even if you don’t manage that as quickly as you hope, then do something after your 9–5 crap that excites you. If you’re working in retail but you love filming and editing, then make some damn films on your days off or after/before work. If you’re an artist, draw something every night before bed. There’s so much that you can do to push yourself in the direction you’d prefer to be going.

Work hard and drop the attitude.

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