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August 17, 2015
About lightness of being

Yesterday I had an intense one-to-one dance class with my incredible dance teacher and ran 4, 5 miles in the evening. It was the last truly summer run. Today the autumn has claimed its presence: it’s been heavily raining and the temperature dropped from +24 to +14. I know that people who run seriously would run in any weather. But how? Is it really possible to run through wet lonely park lanes and enjoy it?

Do you know this light feeling in your legs as you take off? Lightness of being as Milan Kundera called it? You start off and think — yeah, today I’m going to run so well! Doesn’t happen very often but when it does… It occurred to me that running 3 miles in 30 minutes is not bad. It’s not bad running 3 miles in 40 minutes. And in 50 minutes or even 60. Do you know what’s bad? Not running at all. Not dancing at all. Not football playing at all.

But let me come back to my dance teacher! She taught me some “Port-de-Bras” and while demonstrating she looked like a porcelain doll. Perfect and fragile. My lover says that I’m clearly in love with her. I’m not in love but I’m full of admiration for her hard work and the way she is going toward her dream. Her love for dance and desire to share her deep knowledge and skill is so genuine that I can’t but feel privileged and grateful for having met this person. She told me that everyone was born to dance. Everyone. And I believe her.

I had a thought that for some reason entertained my little nieces. If I’m ever married, I’d love to do ballroom together with my husband. Wouldn’t that add to the lightness of being?! And quite bearable one, too?!

See you tomorrow!


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