Dealing with Change

I’m sorry if that’s too much me to handle! It’s me and how I’ve ‘changed’ from tubby little bubba to fully fledged grown up (almost)!

Change…it’s a double edged sword. It can make us happy yet it can also make us feel quite anxious. Doing things that we aspire to do can often be scary and it pushes us out of our comfort zone. Change can also be forced upon us and out of our control. But it’s these very things that acclimatize us to the impermanence of life. Change, welcome or unwelcome, helps to keep things fresh, develop new perspectives and broaden the mind. Sure we don’t think it when it happens…

I’ve had enough change this year but I still mix things up a little to keep me on my toes. It might be something as simple as trying new things out to cook, walking a different route home from work or moving things about the house for a different ‘look’.

Change and Anxiety

So I’m not writing this blog for the good of my health. I had quite a bad car accident about 4 years ago that, I believe, was a result of not facing certain fears and not making those changes. Keeping it all inside and not taking action was manifesting itself in panic attacks on my car journeys. And the accident made me doing something about it. Although it was an awful thing to happen, anxiety was a perfectly normal human response to what the hell was going on inside my brain. It is healthy. It puts you in the decision zone. Do I fight or do I flee? I guess it’s what you decide that becomes a sliding doors moment in your life.

So here are some tips for dealing with anxiety that arises when it comes to change;

  1. Write down what you are anxious about. It might help you clarify things. Writing things down is also a release — it gets the thoughts out of your head (okay well not completely).
  2. Ground yourself. What are you grateful at this moment in time? What hasn’t changed that is a constant in your life?
  3. Keep going. Sometimes the good ol’ pushing through is the best way to do things. Bad feelings always pass. Eventually the change will become ‘the norm’ for you.
  4. Listen to your gut. I think listening to your intuition can often point you in the right direction, when at a crossroads not knowing which way to turn.
  5. Look back to previous changes in your life. What happened? What positives came out of it? You came out unscathed right?
  6. Take one thing/day at a time. Don’t put yourself under so much pressure.
  7. Dig into something fun. When I feel a bit anxious or low, I tend to stick a film or box set on and just escape into another world. Or I go out and discover something new, even if it’s walking down to the local steam railway to check it out.

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