Life and Lists!

Indeed…the good old list! Giving me a helping hand in sorting out the seemingly chaotic world that is my life yet being dangerously counterproductive that I end up realising how much ‘stuff’ I need to do. Sound familiar?

This is my number one problem in my life to the point that I have been mocked by ex-partners and friends. I love a damn good list. Organised? Yes I guess. But sometimes it can take over and make me more anxious than I was before the list was even written! Not only am I writing a list , I create my own list ‘race’, almost as if I haven’t completed the list in said time (which is always ridiculously unrealistic), then I have marked myself down as a failure. Moron. Nothing like setting unrealistic goals and beating yourself up about them.

With such a jam packed list, this then leaves very little room for the spontaneity of life, which is probably one of the best ways to approach life. I mean those spontaneous nights out are always the best ones right? On the other hand, if I don’t write a list, the bills will never get paid, family will never get cards and blogs will never be written. So when your lists get you in a twist, what do you do? Throw those lists away forever? Nope. Create better lists? Change your attitude to lists? Yep and yep.

Getting out of the list funk

For years, lists have been my dumping ground. No wonder things weren’t getting done. So I’ve sorted my dumping ground into ‘do today’s’, do this week’, ‘do this month’ and ‘nice to do’s’. I don’t cram in stuff in at times where I know I’ll just want to flake (first thing in the morning before work or after work), and I certainly don’t underestimate the time and energy to do these things. I chunk things up instead of blasting things out in one fell swoop. Cleaning for example. A full Saturday — yawn. A bit spread over a week I am more likely to do it and do it well. The same thing with writing. Instead of planning to write ‘lots of blogs’ at the weekend, writing a little everyday works a treat (as well as being good for the soul).

A key thing when you get lost in the lists is to remember that it actually doesn’t matter if things don’t get done most of the time. Life should be fun. Don’t beat yourself up!

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