Wellbeing Festivals 2017

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As I sit and write this, it’s a beautiful sunny evening at the end of May, with beautiful skies, birds tweeting to their hearts content and the flip flops have made their first appearance of the year. Summer I bow down to you. May this one be a good one. So what better to write about than some really cool looking wellbeing festivals happening this summer. Yes, it’s a thing! And what a great thing. So what’s this ‘wellbeing’ festival thing? In my mind, there’s not much difference between a music festival or a food festival. All are planned with getting away for a day or two, to wind down and enjoy being ‘at one with nature’ and life’s simplest of pleasures. But from going to Barefoot Festival last year, there’s possibly a ‘zen-ness’ (okay so it’s not a word, I just made it up) that may not be at other types of festival. And there’s a chance to be open minded about trying new things that may benefit your wellbeing such as yoga, pilates, massages and the like. But anyway, that’s enough of me talking. Let’s take a look at some of the festivals taking place this year;

Om & Bass Yoga, Dance and Wellness Festival

Well this kinda says what it does on the tin does it not? Taking place at Braziers Park, Oxford between 23rd and 25th June, kids go free and the festival features other activities such as martial arts, workshops, crafts and a wellness spa. In keeping with it’s theme, there are also eco stalls and eco showers too. Feeling good and being good to the environment.

Barefoot Festival

I have to say that this is my favourite festival. For those, a little like me who hate lots of things associated with big festivals such as masses of people, massive queues for questionable portaloos, getting wee thrown on you and not being able to move because you are stuck in a crush of people, this festival is the answer. It’s small, there’s plenty of room to move around and it’s just so chilled. And yes, the portaloos still exist, but it’s less of a daunting prospect…Alongside music, there’s lots of things to try for all of the family from face painting, hula hooping, yoga and massages, to getting your own temporary tattoo. Lots of great food (frozen banana anyone?) and cute little gin/prosecco bars scattered around. There’s also some stalls with merchandise, should you fancy a dream catcher, buddha figurines or such like. Check out last year’s purchase;

And what I really like? That community holiday camp vibe at the end of the day, where everybody packs into the Big Top to watch the evening cabaret — usually a Burlesque show. A great little place for friends and family alike. Catch it between 28th and 30th July at Prestwold Hall, Loughborough.

Wilderness Festival

The Wilderness Festival is perhaps much like Barefoot Festival but on a bigger scale, focusing on arts and performance and with some fantastic acts such as Laura Mvula, Grace Jones, Two Door Cinema Club, Jazz from Ronnie Scott’s, Frantic Assembly, Camden People’s Theatre, Sadlers Wells and much more. All in the grounds of Cornbury Park, Oxfordshire, taking place between 3rd-6th August 2017.

Flo Vibe

Happening very very soon, so sorry for the short notice!! ‘Where retreat meets festival’, Flo Vibe seems to take wellbeing to new heights, rather than focusing on the more spiritual aspects such as yoga, gong baths and meditation, they feature talks on topics such as ‘How to Quit Your Job and Jump’ and ‘The In-Sync Diet’ to heart-pumping physical activities Fit Hiit Group Training and paddle boarding.

Fancy going abroad?

Obonjan might be the answer!

Not a festival as such, more a festival mentality. Obonjan is a great choice if you are really wanting to get away from it all. With special events such as Wanderlust and Creative Exploration, you can take a holiday in the sun with activities to boot for that twist, or come and take advantage of the many wellness related activities on offer, with a bit of guaranteed sunshine and the sound of the sea in the background.

Have you been to any of these festivals? Can you recommend your own?

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