Write That Shit Down…

I say this a lot to others ─ we are ALL a little bit mental. Forget the 1 in 4 statistic, (according to Mind, 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year), we are all affected. Even the most ‘horizontal’ of people, I believe. And it’s no surprise. It’s always been normal for us humans to get stressed, worried or anxious about things, whether it be relationships, life crises and such. And the state of the world as we know it, is rife with companies going into administration (parting was such sweet sorrow BHS…sob…), people losing their jobs, terrorist activity, Brexit, and that bloody Trump, (although this fun ‘Trump Donald’ page might put a smile on your face!).

Whether you are struggling with anxiety, depression some other form of mental illness or have something playing on your mind, it helps to ‘write that shit down’. I’m not talking an essay or a poem ─ you don’t have to have a way with words. Some people don’t like to talk about their worries out of fear of being judged, being a burden or not being taken seriously. But let me tell you ─ keeping it in can be a first class ticket to panic attack on anxiety airways.

When I went through my bout of anxiety, I found three methods really useful. I even use them now because I know how effective they can be in taking the edge off a worry I might have.

Three Good Things

This one is dead simple. Every night before you go to bed, or at any moment towards the end of the day, or not even every night. Do it when you can. Write down three good things that happened during your day. It helps if you have a little notebook especially for this so, before you know it , you can have a book full of good things that have happened to you over a period of time ─ great if you are having a down day and need to ‘re-set’. I get some people say to me ‘well nothing good has happened’, to which I joke, well you are speaking to me, and that is a great thing to happen(!). Joking aside, good things don’t necessarily have to be grand things, it can be something as simple as, you got up, you saw an amazing sunset, you ate your favourite chocolate cake, you achieved your weight loss target, whatever. It just has to be a good thing.

Set A Worry Period

Setting a worry period each day means that for that time, and that time only, you can try to address your worry, leaving the rest of your day to focus on other things and stay productive. When you come to your worry period ask yourself;

a) is the worry still a worry?

b) is there anything I can do about it?

c) what’s the worst thing that can happen?

Chances could be that your worry will no longer be a worry, and if it is, you have the opportunity to see whether you can do anything to make things better. If you can’t, you can either choose to accept ‘defeat’ and make the best of your situation, or continue to worry and become more anxious (and I accept that sometimes things aren’t that simple).

Keep A Journal

But not necessarily everyday. If something is bothering you, write down what’s bothering you and why. Not only will writing this down be a release, you might also be able to identify patterns of behaviour/triggers, which could help you move forward to feeling better about yourself.

I’ll always say, I’m not an expert, just somebody who has given these things a try and they have helped. They might be able to help you too. But don’t just take my word for it, the below articles talk about the same;

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