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In every era, there are people willing to collude with ugliness in the pursuit of some greater good, greater as having been determined by them. They turn a blind eye to every vulgarity, every inappropriate act, every egregious lie because SCOTUS and (their version of) Jesus being enshrined into law is all that matters.

At one time, the ugliness in question was the brutalization of others in an effort to Christianize the world. All manner of horror was committed and countenanced because explorers like Columbus were bringing Christ to heathens. And never a moment’s cognitive dissonance for the vast majority. Not a twinge. Not a tickle.

Today’s evangelicals are little different. They put their version of Christianity before common decency, equality, saving the planet, just about everything. Because Jesus. Lord knows, climate change ain’t in the Bible. If it were a thing it’d be in there. Surely.

Falwell, a charlatan if ever there was one, calls the Don a ‘dream president’ …one who grabs ’em by the pussy. Jesus must be thrilled.

45’s a ‘dream president’…who travels to his home city and doesn’t trouble to stop by his home.

He’s a ‘dream president’ who’s surrounded by White supremacists.

Frankly, a lot of today’s Evangelical Christianity is just White supremacy dressed in its Sunday best.