How to Keep Them Interested When You Met On a Love Site

When you have created your profile and have made that first contact, you enter the realm of e-flirting — a back-and-forth of messages, first on site, then via email and text. This is the new way of dating, with age-old correspondence replaced by electronic mail. Even today, the written word is still more meaningful than the spoken word on a love site, which can be challenging as you can’t read people’s body language or expressions to see if they’re being sarcastic or honest.

The best type of email to send or receive is going to be friendly, humorous and complimentary, and it will initiate an active conversation that is based on the person’s profile. You should always try to get the other person to chat with you; never just say generic comments such as, “I like your profile photo” or be too corny, overly risque or even apologetic. You don’t want to write a novel or reveal too much about yourself and certainly, don’t suggest meeting each other too quickly.

For some people, the chance to strike up a good conversation online is similar to the atmosphere in a nightclub or bar; for others, those who don’t feel confident in their ability to write something compelling, it is a task they have to endure before they can actually meet anyone.

Whatever your preference, it is a good idea to meet people pretty early on. First, since people seem appealing online, but their live appearance could leave you feeling duped. Secondly, many online daters wind up feeling like they are in love with someone they’ve never talked to.

Online dating has given people the chance to have several blind dates a week, which, naturally, cause you to feel anxious. For most of us, one date a week is more than plenty. To ease any frazzled nerves, simply think of every first time as a simple chat where you get to see if there is any chemistry between you two.

How to not let rejection get you down

Many daters feel like it is good manners to reply to everyone who contacts them. But for the resolutely polite, searching for a partner online can become very time-consuming. So, how do you say no to someone or how do you handle being turned down?

Some people already have a collection one-liners that they will send to people they aren’t interested in: “Thanks for reaching out to me, but I don’t think we are a good match,” or “I think you’re a bit too old (or young) for me.” There are love sites may even offer a set of thanks-but-no-thanks phrases that you just send off.

There is, however, an unspoken rule online that says it is okay to ignore any mail from those who don’t interest you. Though a few people complain about how rude people can be in person, the online world is busy adhering to its own set of rules of how to behave.

If you are turned down or ignored, always remember that it is not personal. You shouldn’t focus on one person — email 50 and chat to 20. In the world of internet dating, it’s important not to take things too personally.