7 Top Tips To Leap Into Spring

Spring is in the air (yes!) and after a dreary winter we cannot wait for the sun to rise that bit earlier to gently warm our bones, and for the dewy grass to softly tickle our toes. While nature’s taking her time to turn the corner, we humans also need some time to adjust to the Season’s change.

Our bodies have been comfortably hibernating in woolly sweats, nourished with warming soups and stews in the cozy indoors. Our minds maybe alike, collecting cobwebs while being nurtured with comforting reads those long winter evenings. What a luxury, what an indulgence. We’ve been spoiling ourselves and a jump-start into the budding season is definitely on.

Let´s align with Spring as Nature clearing her space and sowing her new growth. Here’s my 7 top tips to prepare & get excited for the best three months of the year:

  1. Acknowledge your Abundance

It is the time to sit down with nature, clearing our grounds by collecting all the goodness the year has brought so far.

Take pen & paper and follow your train of thoughts. Looking back at winter, what great has come into your life? What did nature bring in? What did you bring about yourself? Pen down all the wonderful things you were given and all that you accomplished yourself. Just put it to paper and be proud!

Now take some time to read over your notes — slowly and consciously. Acknowledge your abundance with the fulfillment of a farmer looking at the fertile grounds of his homestead, eager to sow and see life come to bloom.

Recognize you’ve got a great foundation to sow & bloom into your best.

2. Zen your Systems

Nature’s preparing her grounds and so should we. For the next 7 days, take 15 minutes a day to clear out your space.

How? Take an egg-timer, go to your space, put the egg-timer on 15 minutes — no more — and start.

Do your workspace/office first by gathering those loose papers & files all around.

Use the FACT-system by making 3 stacks:

stack FILE = keep and put away

stack ACT = do something with it

stack TOSS = throw it out, right now!

And no, you are NOT allowed a creative 4th stack. Don’t delegate this one — do it yourself & get it done your way, right away.

Do the same with all your spaces — 15 minutes per space — and be ruthless.

Closet: sift through your winter clothes in 2 piles — donate or store — and welcome your spring wear into your closet. Wash the clothes you’ve put on your donate pile and bring them to good use.

Kitchen: Recycle those out-of-date goods like Xmas crackers (!) & get rid of the processed and junk foods that somehow sneaked into your pantry. Consider the rule of thumb of making sure you eat most of your foods out of the refrigerator — lean meats, fish, fruits, and veggies should really make up the bulk of your diet — and welcome those great spring treats of fresh lettuce and other spring vegetables — and the first strawberries of course.

Bedroom: Make your space ready for the lightness of Spring. Put your winter linen into storage and change from your winter flannels to lighter cotton sheets. Swap your heavy duvet for a lightweight bedspread. Clear the clutter and set up a simple night stand which encourages you to wind down with a comforting book and soft reading light.

Living room: Go through your living space with the William Morris’ rule of thumb in mind — ‘Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful’ Gather what you feel does not apply to your rule of thumb anymore and sell, donate or ditch! And no, you don’t need anything else because less is more.

Bathroom: Go through your bathroom cabinet ruthlessly — ditch those jars of cream, old mascara tubes, stubs of lipstick you didn’t know you still had and that sticky sun protection from 2 summers ago. Rule of thumb ‘when in doubt, throw it out’ — most of the goods you have in your bathroom is used on your body. This is one room where it’s better to be safe than sorry!

3. Replenish & Nourish

As the weather becomes warmer, it’s time to up our fluid intake. You know that maintaining optimal hydration is essential for the body (and mind!) to function. So make a conscious effort to drink more and incorporate juicy fruits and vegetables in your diet.

Start your day with a large mug of zesty lemon tea to rev up your system. Put a large pitcher of water on your desk and spice it up with some slices of lemon, lime or other tangy taste. Or add a handful of cucumber and mint for that great gulp.

With the arrival of the new season, embrace the fresh flavors and cooling foods that Spring offers. Think fresh green salads, baby beets, asparagus, artichokes, and more — and go easier on the oils when preparing dishes. And of course, it’s the time for smoothies again!

4. Energize Your Routine

As daylight lengthens and life goes outdoors, it’s time to move around more. Fortunately the warming up of Spring makes a good time to consciously create energizing habits for the upcoming months of Sumer.

Take up an old-love of yours like the yoga you used to practice. Try out something new or finally establish that weekly Wednesday running team you’ve been thinking about, just do it!

Plan it, arrange it and put it on your calendar. Right now — you know — later always turns into never!

And by the way — gentle breaking in by taking the stairs, walking on your lunch break and organizing walking meetings at work are great pick-me-ups!

5. Align with the Outdoors

It’s time to open the patio doors, connecting our inside to the outside. Our connection to nature is a vital ingredient of our health and wellbeing. Besides going outdoors more, adding more of the outdoors to our lives is a wonderful way to deepen the exhales into our daily routine.

Think plants and flowers — they can improve indoor air quality significantly and help you sleep. Fresh cut flowers — proven to boost happiness in the home. A variety of kitchen herbs in small pots on the window seal or balcony for a quick tisane — fresh basil or thyme make delicious herbal tea.

Consider a water element in your home — a glass bowl with a floating flower is a beauty to the eye and calming to the mind.

6. Shed your Skin

The air is getting warmer and although the sun is not very harsh yet, you need a sunscreen. As the sun gets warmer, we need to prepare our skin to get that glow from the inside out. Time to polish up and take of those winter layers. Scrub and exfoliate — your body and your face — and prepare your skin for some deeper moisturizing. Invest in a good facial moisturizer with sunscreen for that great first glow of spring.

Oil your body — an effective way of deep moisturizing the skin while at the same time pacifying and balancing the mind. Massage your body with cooling coconut oil — nurturing, strengthening and balancing the dryness, especially after that scrub you just did. It’s most beneficial to oil before a shower. And yes, book that hair appointment now — it really is time for a fresh trim.

7. Set your Seasonal Intention

You’ve cleared your mental and physical grounds, making space for your best intentions to come to bloom.

Now set your seasonal intention, your intention for this Spring. Take a deep breath and write down your thoughts around the following questions:

√ Now that I’ve cleared my grounds, what has been coming up for me in the last days? Eg. this can be an emotion, a person, a behavioral pattern.

√ Now that I’ve cleared my grounds, what new seeds do I want to sow, cultivate and bring forth? Eg. this can be a word, a person, a new situation, etc.

Take as long as you need, as long as you feel you’ve reached your center. Keep writing until you come to that one thing, that one thing you now — this Spring — are going to refresh, renew and create in your well-lived life.

Let it sink in and when you’re ready… Leap into your best Spring ever!

And Let’s Leap together — come on over to my Facebook page where I support you personally to jump-start your Spring — making the difference with my personal support!

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