Beat Your Brain’s Bias In 3 Steps

Have you ever noticed how the negative experiences in our life seem to stick with us for so much longer than the positive experiences? Yes, these negative suckers love to hang around, pushing out our positive vibes.

Scientists believe that your brain has a built-in negativity bias caused by survival instinct developed over million years of evolution.

This prehistoric negativity bias shows up in our modern lives & business– everywhere! Scientific studies found that the brain generally reacts more to a negative stimulus than to an equally intense positive one. Painful experiences usually linger on in our memory longer than pleasurable ones & animals & humans alike typically learn faster from pain than from pleasure.

Have a look at it yourself … in your own mind, what do you usually think about at the end of the day? All the things that went right, or the one that went wrong? Exactly, most probably about the driver who cut you off on the commute this morning or the one thing on your to-do list that didn’t get done . . .

Yes, our brain is like a magnet, attracting the negative experiences & repelling the positive ones.

What a shame, because unless you are really unfortunate most of the facts in our lives are undoubtedly positive or at least neutral.

This bias of the brain really affects our mood. It makes anxious, irritable, fearful & down. It narrows our outlook on life, shrinks our view, makes us draw back into our comfort-zone & diminishes our creativity. Bad for us, bad for our environment & bad for our business.

The good news is that we don’t have to accept our brain’s negative bias. By looking for the good, the joy, the happiness in ourselves & others, we can immediately leverage this unhealthy favoritism.

Sure, you will still have the negative parts, the rough experiences, but you will be so much better in handling them! Looking for the good in life helps you to put all your challenging experiences in perspective. It boosts your energy, confidence, resourcefulness & gives a great zest for exploring new territory & creating new opportunities for yourself & your business.

How to beat your brain’s bias? Take these 3 Steps:

1. Look & Turn around.

Consciously look for the facts in your daily life & intentionally turn these facts around into good experiences

The examples are right in front of your nose. The cup of coffee from your co-worker. Sure you get it every day, but isn’t that just a real nice thing to do? That annoying task you just finished after leaving it for so long… sure you can beat yourself up over delaying it but hey, it’s finished!

Look for positive in the facts, & turn them around into good experiences.

Most daily facts are ordinary & relatively minor — but they are still real. & no, you are not fooling yourself, you are simply acknowledging something that is actual & true.

2. Let yourself feel good about it

When you’ve become aware of a good fact — either something that currently exists or has happened in the past — let yourself feel good about it.

Yes, allow yourself to feel good about it. Don’t pass it by. Pause a moment & consciously feel good about it. So many times things happen during the day — someone’s throwing a smile, you’ve accomplished something new, received a compliment from a client, the sun’s sparking beams right on your desk — & you know it but you don’t feel it.

This time, pause. Pause & let the good sink in. Let it affect you — right there in your day. Allow yourself this fragment in the day.

& notice, do you feel any reluctance toward having positive experiences? Thoughts of shrugging it away, sensing you don’t deserve to, or that it’s selfish? Turn your attention back to the good facts & breath into it. Keep opening up to them, breathing & relaxing, letting them move your needle. It’s like sitting down to a meal or a drink: don’t just look at it — you taste it.

3. Enjoy & stay

Really enjoy the experience & stay with it for ten, twenty, even thirty seconds in a row — instead of getting distracted by something or somebody else.

Feel the enjoyment opening your mind, softening our body.

By taking the experience in, you fill your whole being with goodness, with joy. Let it sink in, diffuse in you like warm bath.

& while you are doing this, your brain is actually rewiring, weaving positive experiences into the fabric of your being.

Over time, taking in the good little by little will add up. You will notice the fruits of your efforts — you will notice that you’ll become more confident & open to yourself, to others & to opportunities. Your view naturally expands & you’ll burst out of your comfort zone so much easier, grabbing those great chances that come with a broader point of view.

And yes, that good for you. good for your environment & great for your business.

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Elles Lohuis PhD is Business Coach, & Mindful Minimalist, collaborating with entrepreneurs & SME to achieve fast & sustainable results by capitalizing on their core-business & maximizing their personal potential.

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