July 5th is Financial Independence Day, Says Us.

By Sallie Krawcheck

This holiday had us thinking about independence.

At Ellevest we love Thanksgiving (the food!), we love Halloween (the costumes!), and we’re not fans of Equal Pay Day (we have to work until April of a new year to make as much as the guys did the year before…ugh). But Independence Day has special resonance for us.

That’s because we’re all about financial independence for women at Ellevest.

Not the sit-on-the-chaise-and-have-grapes-fed-to-you-by-attractive-men kind of financial independence (though that sounds pretty good).

Or the I-never-have-to-work-another-day-in-my-life kind of financial independence.

Instead, we’re big fans of the 3-to-6-months-of-cash-in-the-bank, so-I-don’t-have-to-take-anybody’s-stuff kind of financial independence.

The I’m-investing-toward-the-business-I-want-to-start kind of financial independence.

The take-this-job-I-hate-and-shove-it kind of financial independence.

The leaving-the-boyfriend-or-girlfriend-who-doesn’t-treat-me-right kind of financial independence.

The I’m-showing-my-daughter-what-female-strength-looks-like kind of financial independence.

The I’m-showing-my-son-what-female-strength-looks-like kind of financial independence.

The trip-of-a-lifetime kind of financial independence.

The retire-like-the-coolest-grandma-ever kind of financial independence.

The I-have-the-financial-means-to-donate-money-to-make-the-world-a-better-place kind of financial independence.

A few weeks ago, I interviewed a candidate who became emotional when I asked her why she wanted to work at Ellevest. She said that her grandmother had been abused by her grandfather from the time they got married, in her late teens, until the day she died. The grandmother never left him, because she felt she couldn’t afford to. As a result, this woman wanted to work for the financial independence for as many women as she could.

So, let’s claim today as a day for women to celebrate working toward and gaining a different kind of independence.

Happy Financial Independence Day, Ellevesters.

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