WTF Just Happened?! I Take A Class from Someone Who Believes this Who my Family Thinks is NOT Crazy!? Post 7

(note — if you are starting to read my blog now I suggest you read my intro first. So you know I’m not crazy and new-agey:)

So as I think I have clarified, this is essentially the religion I grew up with.

The Holy Torah: (Jews will get it)

The Messiah (Jews will also get it)

And the book that explains what happens after death

So needless to say when a woman who works with some of my family members and is on committees of respected therapists with them, announces she is holding a lecture series on Parapsychology at a family members institute I definitely take it seriously. She knows Jim Tucker and the work of Ian Stevenson too! So smart respected people seem to believe this?!

I will summarize the four classes I went to and give you some names that came up to study further.

William James: I had heard briefly of William James’ work with Psychic/Medium Leonora Piper but never read much about it. I saw skeptics said he was delusional so I left it at that. But his name and studies came up and I researched it further. There are a lot more to the studies. They seem pretty intelligent and valid. Read what you can find and see what you think.

There was a study conducted by Randolph C. Byrd on distant prayer healing.Essentially it worked. I have not studied this yet in any depth, but it seems so far to have some truth and credibility. WTF?! NOT what I expected.

Remote Viewing and Precognitive remote viewing. (There is a ton to start googling on this as well. The first name given to read about if you want to learn more is Inge Swann) She used an example (details changed a bit since it is about a psychiatric patient of hers). There was a woman she was treating and the woman was miserable and angry. One day this Psychiatrist had an image of her sitting on a porch over looking a beach with a blissful look and a cute dog. Fast forward 5 years after the patient had left treatment. The patient gets back in touch with the psychiatrist and comes in to say hi and that her life has become wonderful. She shows up with a happy glow and wants to show this psychiatrist where she lives. She pulls out her phone and screen saver is of the same beach house with a dog that psychiatrist had dreamed.

Now if I heard that second or third hand, I would kind of blow it off. But this was a psychiatrist my family knew and had seen working. They respected her work highly, and this happened to her, not someone else. So I guess another WTF?

In the second class a well respected therapist came and talked about his experiences working with patients in India, where there is a whole set of different beliefs. The main thing that stood out was that a woman in India’s mother had passed away. The mother had collected statues of a certain bird. When the woman went home from her mothers funeral that kind of bird was sitting in the doorway to the mother’s house. That kind of bird is also not common in Jaipur, where this occurred. In Indian culture this was assumed to be the mother. And this was a successful “modern” woman telling this story. And it was very normal mentality in her culture. I began to think of the arrogance of blowing off an entire culture’s experiences. It did not mean I had any answers, just that it would be pretty arrogant to not at least listen.

This therapist also talked about how a man’s wife had passed away. The wife always would have a cup of tea. One day a cup of tea just appeared on the table.

And lastly, he discussed patients who had had precognitive dreams, such as one example of a guy who dreamed in detail about some guy who he had never met who would come visit him. The next day that guy from the dream came to visit the patient’s neighbor and accidentally knocked on patient’s door.

The psychiatrist also told examples of the influence of mental thoughts on the physical body. Along with the before mentioned prayer affecting healing, she had known of a man with multiple personality disorder. One personality had a deadly allergy (actual, not in his head) to nuts and the other one did not. She gave a few more examples along those lines.

We also learned details about the mind influencing numbers on a machine called a random number generator. This was a long and fascinating lecture, so I really cannot do it justice here. Please go google more because it is amazing. It is also touched upon in my previous article about the movie Wakeup.

Essentially the machine produces 1 or 0 and then the person tries to use their mind to influence it to produce one number over the other. Obviously there are only two numbers, but still it would be as with rolling a dice expected to have a certain percent variety. The goal was to use your mind to keep getting a certain number in a row to create odds way beyond chance.

These were some of the amazing findings: 
- people who meditated did better
- odds of way beyond chance were demonstrated
- there seems to be a part of the mind that does not believe this is possible so when someone seta target, they would get there really fast and then tell themselves it isn’t possible and then the results would stop. I think that reminds me a lot of the way most of us only let ourselves succeed so much and then stop ourselves. And why they say being incredibly successful at something is more about mindset than just skill. We seem to have a need to keep ourselves not too amazing. (random musing stuck in)
- at one point an experimenter essentially gave up and didn’t care anymore and his score soared. 
- This was all done from research conducted in Princeton’s PEAR lab if you want to find out more.

There are supposed to be some new books coming out soon too on this exact work, so once they are out I will read and blog to let you know.

And lastly there are two things One is a quote about this work from a mainstream scientist that showed me not to so easily believe the mainstream dialogue of how the world works. “Even if it were true I would’t believe it.” by Barbara Dunn.

And the other a woman in the audience said that once she believed in coincidence she noticed how much more it happened.

I still didn’t want to delude myself with “belief”, but I did feel there was a lot of other ways intelligent people were looking at the world.

Next: A few more books help me open my mind that this isn’t all batshit

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