Are you right there?

The Power of Reflective Thinking

Are you right there?

No. Are you,



Often it’s hard to see any opinion other than your own, its hard to be open to change when you are in your comfort zone and most of all it is really, REALLY hard to think about your thinking.

This is reflective thinking — during this process the individual questions themselves and their perspective, they also question others. This is all part of self awareness and critical analysis. Furthermore, they synthesis information and incorporate new knowledge into learning which can make unconscious connections among unrelated fields, gaining an appreciated for something that may have gone unnoticed before.


Reflective thinking is extremely effective and here’s why:

(Reflective thinking increases)

  • self awareness
  • credibility
  • creativity
  • positive mindset
  • intuition
  • productivity
  • knowledge
  • & the list goes on….

These aspects are seriously important in life, reflective thinking has been proven to strengthen relationships, increase productivity, help with mental health and has made significant changes to peoples lives in regards to their career:

Warren Buffett, an American business magnate, is the CEO of the fourth largest company in America. He spends 80% of his time reading and thinking. Bill Gates is known for taking two weeks of a year just to reflect deeply without interruption. Several other high profile CEOs have left their constant busyness and argue that reflective thinking time is essential in a complex, rapidly changing digital economy.

Buy why isn’t this used by more people? When I was younger I took figure skating lessons, which I loved. I was always quite good at balancing so going on one leg backwards wasn’t such an obstacle. However, to master a spin without ‘travelling’ proved to be a far more of a challenge. Each night my parents encouraged me to read for about half an hour before bed and after this I remember lying in my bed thinking about how I would ace that turn — where I would position my arms, if I should put pressure on my heels, bend my knees, keep my feet together or place them like a penguin. This may all seem irrelevant but without knowing it I was practicing elements of reflective thinking. Now I lay in bed on social media until my eyes start drooping and I fall asleep, similar to many others. Society is subconsciously forgetting about reflective thinking.

Point being; we need to bring it back.

Because it’s not just for Bill Gates or Warren Buffett, it’s not just for people trying to mend relationships or even for me… a 19 year old girl striving to be the best teacher she can, it’s for everyone, and it is key.

Thanks a heap to these two articles for inspiring this blog post: ‘Reflective Thinking; Does it still exist?’ — Kevin Wedeking


The Power of Reflective Thinking’ — Kristofferson Nures

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