EDTS240 — ePortfolio Task 5

  • Has your opinion about the SAMR model changed? As a teacher would you still use it to underpin your teaching activities? Why/why not?

My opinion has remained the same. ONLY because from other research — as noted by Jonas Linderoth — and from personal experience, I know that the effective implementation of technology in the classroom, modifying lessons, and redesigning thinking, motivates students and pushes them to use higher order thinking skills such as analysing. As a teacher I wouldn’t use it to ‘underpin’ my activities, however, I will consider this concept when lesson planning. Linderoth makes an exceptional point about the lack of scholarly research from Puentedura himself, and his miscellaneous background details, making this theory unreliable. This is why I will not base lessons in regard to this model but implement it when needed due to the learning success it‘s produced from personal experience.

  • Bloom’s Taxonomy has undergone many revisions since it was published e.g. Krathwohl, 2000; Marzano, 2000, etc. Compare and contrast Bloom’s Taxonomy with a revised taxonomy of your choice.

Blooms Taxonomy classifies levels of thinking. Such as knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation. ‘The New Taxonomy’ by Marzano and Kendall, 2008, is another revised taxonomy that presents a framework for developing task complexity. The New Taxonomy Levels are:

  1. Retrieval
  2. Comphrehension
  3. Analysis
  4. Knowledge Utilisation
  5. Metacognition
  6. Self-System Thinking

The first half is similar to Blooms Taxonomy however, the second half differentiates in what Marzano and Kendall beleive to be the highest levels of thinking, ultimately reaching level six; Self-System thinking which involves the student identifying his or her own level of motivation towards learning, their emotional response towards learning, his or her own ability to improve competance or understanidng and how important the learning is and the reasons behind this belief.


  • Which learning theory did you identify with most? Why are they important for teachers?

I identified with both theories. Blooms is far more applicable to the classroom however, Marzano and Kendall’s taxonomy raises an important level to achieve so the student is able to critically reflect in order to achieve optimal learning.

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