EDTS240 — ePortfolio Task 2

Reading and re-reading the Digital Technologies Curriculum content descriptors there is nothing there that is really confronting or that I was taken by surprise. Each content descriptor incorporates skills students will need for the future such as analysing data, problem solving, thinking critically, and using data to create information.

Reflecting on my abilities as a pre-service teacher, I am concerned about the content descriptors in the Technologies Curriculum for stages 5–6. I have not had very much exposure to technology that modifies algorithms, or implements digital solutions such as user input. At this stage, I would not feel confident to teach it to a Stage 3 class when I feel as if I do not know the topics well enough.

To overcome this, while at ACU I can utilise the sources my lecturers and tutors give me in my teaching practise. While on placement, it would be beneficial to record and observe the activites and the way students interact with technology. When a graduate teacher, I can use Youtube and teacher websites with suggested lesson plans and creative ideas to boost my confidence in knowledge about technology if I feel it is lacking. I can also ask my Mum who is a teacher’s aid, and colleagues for ideas and assistance if needed. These strategies will help give me the knowledge to allow my students to experience optimal education in the field of technology.

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