EDTS240 — ePortfolio Task 4

This week in EDTS241 we focused on theorists and their models for teaching. More specifically, these are the PCK model, the TPACK model and the SAMR model. Personally, most intriguing out of the three was the SAMR model, constructed by Dr Ruben Puentedura. In summary, using this model, teacher evaluate how they are incorperatin technology into their instructional practice. I find it amazing how technology can start by substituting an old non-digital method of learning, to actually having the ability to prompt students into higher order thinking. It’s inspiring for a ‘teacher to be’ to realise the full potential digital technologies have on student learning and moreover, the implications this has for teaching.

Through research on SAMR, it was really interesting to see how technology is used to motivate students which is a major factor that encourages studetns to break the higher level thinking boundaries. From this, and knowledge on the other models, I feel as though I have inadequate technological knowledge and will need to work on this if I’m to teach 21st century children for their future.

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