I’m not going to lie to you. I’m always pushing for more. Wanting to better myself, consequently meaning I’m am an avid learner.

A driving question in one my units this semester is ‘Why are digital and communication technologies important to me?’ and immediately I thought well of course they are important to me… but I almost missed the whole question…Why…

When I began school ‘back in the day’ (about 14 years ago) I was exposed to a very conventional classroom. The walls were filled with our paintings and tasks we were set with stickers and stamps on each paper. By the end of my schooling life; when I was in year 12, all my notes, information, textbooks, assignments and methods of contact were accessed through a light weight, 13-inch Macbook Air. For my HSC exams (which I’m surprised wasn’t done on a laptop) I was told to write inside the box because my paper was being marked online. We had a 3D printer, interactive white boards, televisions which connected to your computer and screens that would come down from the ceiling at the touch of a remote… and this my friends is a very plain example of technology in the field of education.

So, back to my question; Why…

Well digital and communication technologies are important to me because I feel like I am almost consumed by them.

I am almost consumed by them.

I’m writing to you through an online source which anyone can access at anytime from anywhere. If I wanted to, I could do all my learning online and gain a job where I wouldn’t have to leave the house because hello (waves) I can see you through my webcam. Other than my part time job and my immediate family, I communicate mostly online and I can pay for items at the checkout by swiping my phone. Thank gosh my book is a hardcopy (how old fashioned of me!) Point being is that I’m living in a world that can no longer exist without technology. Even when you think you are up with the latest trends you aren’t, because innovation is everywhere and every minute of everyday something new is being created. As a future teacher I need to understand that I need to teach my students differently to how I was taught. No longer is ordinary classroom learning satisfying the kinds of versatility and varied literacies employers require; I need to educate these students for the future. McNulty’s article ‘Why teaching 21st Century skills using educational technology is essential’ consolidates my point that “todays learner needs a skill set appropriate for a job market where being digitally savvy… is crucial”.

Digital technologies have changed the face of the classroom (may it be physical or virtual). It allows teachers to communicate with their students anytime, anywhere. Students technological capabilities are endless, they now have the opportunity to learn at their own pace and through different mediums and styles. The aim now for teachers as outlined in Steele’s article, is to stop feeding them information and make students think, because the world is not going to be changed by people who just know things.

Digital and Communication technologies are important to me because like many other people, it improves efficiency, allows for instant answers and knowledge and helps to keep life moving. However, I do believe myself and the rest of society needs to be cautious about how technology is used, because if we aren’t careful we may find ourselves with a 5 bar connection, but may not be very connected at all…

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