What are you defined by? Are you defined by anything?

Ellie Brownlow. Female. 19. Sydney, Australia.

Is this really what people mean when they say introduce yourself?

What about about my favourite food to eat? (Mangoes) or my favourite pair of shoes? (My black Ghanda ankle boots). What about my aspirations, fears, stories, dreams and realities? When my technology unit at uni asked me to create a blog as a form of critical reflection and ‘start by creating a blog post that introduces you’ I thought well this is a BLOG, and I plan to utilise full creative control. My name IS Ellie and I do go to Uni in the wonderful Sydney Australia. I am at University because since I was about 5 years old I have wanted to be a teacher and this has never faltered. I LOVE kids, education, learning, creativity and colour!

Another one of my passions is travel! I believe that the only thing you can spend money on that will make you richer is travelling. I am constantly reading up about countries all around the world! I have just renewed my passport because I have booked a trip to Thailand in a few weeks and before this passport expires (in 10 years) I have a goal to fill it with atleast 15 different stamps! I also plan to spend my first year out of Uni teaching in Europe!

One of my dreams coming true, when I got to ride an elephant bareback during my first trip to Thailand in 2013!

Thanks to the Australian Catholic University I am very excited to get this blog underway and let it open up a new set of doors to learning and educating!

I look forward to seeing where this virtual journey leads me…

Lots of Love,


‘I Ellie Brownlow, as a Pre-Service Teacher enrolled into Australian Catholic University (ACU) affirm the principle of academic integrity and commit to upholding integrity by completing all academic assignments in the manner expected, with acknowledging all the work contained within the website is my own, expect when appropriate referencing is indicated.’

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