Initial Business Costs

We will need to invest in a few things to really make a start of our business. These include:

  • Business cards- Vistaprint sell 500 business cards for £14.99, which will be plenty for our initial start up. We have already designed a business card, shown below. This has some initial details that may change as we decide on where to base our business etc. At the moment we have included Vicky’s home address as there is a possibility of us both living there.
  • Magnetic car stickers- This would be a good way to advertise our business cost-effectively while doing day to day activities. They would also make us look like a more established business when turning up to photograph clients. These tend to retail for between £15-£30 so would definitely be worth investing in.
  • T-shirts -Having t-shirts with our logo embroidered onto the breast and arm would again make us seem more professional and put together. I think a uniform would be a good way of clearly identifying ourselves and our business. Several websites offer this service and prices range from around £10–20.
  • Letterheads- We would want to include our name and logo on any written correspondence between ourselves and clients, especially on invoices. Below is the link to a website that offer 1000 printed letterheads for £22.95. However, we may be able to easily produce this ourselves so is something we need to test and think about.
  • Portable Lights- These will be integral to the types of images we want to make. I already have two stands, so we will not need to invest in them but we do need to get some heads. The PIXAPRO® PowerCore 600Ws Portable Flash Twin Kit seems like a really good option, as they are lightweight and give around 450 flashes per charge. They also recharge in 2.5 seconds which is fine for what we need them for. These retail for around £1000, but I have found them of a website for £700
  • Softboxes- Horses do not like naked bulbs, so we would ideally like two small soft boxes. I have found several that would work with the type of fitting that the portable flash we have found and they only cost about £30 each, I also already own a reflector and diffuser umbrella, so these could potentially be used.
  • Backdrop- Ideally we would like to have both a black and a white backdrop. However, we would want one that is about 3 meters tall and have struggled to find a stand tall enough for this. The stands and backdrops that we have found retail for about £100-£200 so is something we need consider. We have noticed though, that with studio lighting because the flash is so bright it often cuts out all other light so anything that it is not bouncing off of is essentially black anyway.
  • Eyefi Memory Card- To maximise our time and work efficiently we would like to have one of us shoot while the other edits and reviews the pictures on site. There are several ways of doing this. We could set up a cable from the camera to a laptop, but this could cause a lot of problems with mobility, an alternative option would be to buy a wireless transmitter and receiver, but these seem to rely on an already established wifi network, which if we are in a field or stables would most likely not be available. We decided the best option would be to purchase an Eyefi memory card as they set up their own wifi network and transmit through that. A 32GB one of these would cost about £60 and we would also need to purchase a CF card adapter which would cost about £15.
  • Liability Insurance- We would also like to get basic business liability insurance, which according to several quotes I have gotten would only cost around £50 per year.
  • Website- We have now made our website and bought our domain, this cost us £60 for the whole year.