As I will be living away from home I will need to be making a reasonable amount of money in order to pay rent and support myself. I am aware that for most likely the first year to two years of this business I will need to have another job as my main income until I am more established. I have already secured a month of work from June until July as a receptionist at a school that I have worked at before.

I already have experience working in retail, but i will be focusing on my experience working in reception and administration. I have signed up to numerous employment websites. Through this I have found a number of potential receptionist jobs in and around Sidmouth and Exeter. These jobs seem to provide around £18,000-£20,000 per year, which would be plenty as many of the flats I have already looked at only come to about £6,000 per year in rent and bills.

I will work a full time job, and then reserve my weekends and after hours for maintaing and growing our business.

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