Before designing our website I went to twitter to ask some friends who have experience what their recommendation would be. We had several responses and signed up and tried many different websites that come with ready made templates as neither of us have any experience with coding.

We eventually found that squarespace was the easiest to use with the best range of pre-made themes. One of the main struggles that we had was finding a website where we could use the same font as what we used in our logos.

Vicky designed most of the website along with my creative input as she is much better at figuring out how things work than me. Once she found a template that was suitable for the type of website that we wanted to create that also had a font similar to our previously chosen one we got to work.


This is the website we have set up for our business. We wanted to create a sleek and minimal theme throughout to accentuate the upmarket and premium product that we are aiming to produce.

We have a homepage that links directly to a gallery of our photos which is essentially a portfolio of work for potential clients to browse.

Then we have several tabs at the top of the website. The first is the info page, which gives a brief introduction to the product and experience that we are trying to sell. This also has 4 choice images that will be changed and updated as our portfolio grows.

The next tab is a link to our social media, primarily our Instagram, but there is a link to our Facebook page further down. This shows all of the photographs we have uploaded to Instagram so far and will continually update as we upload to Instagram. We have done this as we believe that social media is now an integral part of building a client base and business. As we begin to photograph for actual clients, we can also tag them in their own photos on our Instagram, with their permission, and vice versa.

As stated previously, the gallery is a portfolio of our work easily accessible for potential clients to view. This is arguably the most important aspect of the website, which is why our homepage links directly to it.

The next section is a breakdown of our pricing packages and what is included for each price. In the future this will be added to. We will need to add the prices of additional prints and services that we are considering offering.

We then have an about section which introduces Vicky and I to the potential client. This is to humanise us, and also to highlight where each of our strengths and specialities lie.

Finally, we have a contact us section which is linked directly to our business email account. This has a built in section which gives potential clients a quick and easy way to contact us and request a booking. In the future we will most likely also add a phone number and address, however at the moment we have not yet established one.