An Inside Look Into EllieGrid’s Smart Pillbox & Why It Matters

Want to change the way you track your medications and supplements? Try EllieGrid.

EllieGrid Indiegogo Video

Every year, 125,000 people die because of poor medication management, and with 70% of Americans now taking prescriptions drugs, everyone knows how much of a challenge keeping track of medications can be!

After seeing his own grandfather struggle to keep up with his medications, Abe Matamoros, one of the founders at EllieGrid, decided to take on the challenge of medication management. According to Abe, “I wanted to build a health accessory that empowered people to live healthier lives by helping them keep up with their daily medications and supplements. I didn’t want to create a medical device. I wanted something that was easy to use, helpful, and didn’t come with the stigma often associated with the orange pill bottles. You can use it anywhere without anyone knowing it’s a pill box.”

So, with the help of his co-founders, Abe established EllieGrid to help people overcome the challenge of medication compliance. When I asked Abe what made EllieGrid so different from other medication management options, he replied, “EllieGrid is simple. We designed it to look like a simple accessory and not a medical device that can often come with a stigma attached it. We paired it with an app for a 3-step medication set-up process that, when complete, sends the user notifications in the form of fun facts to notify users when to take their medications or supplements and how much to take. We also designed the app to allow for notifications to be sent to loved ones and caretakers in order to give the user’s support system feedback on how the user is doing with their medication routine.”

On top of their recent Indiegogo launch success (100% raised in their first 12 days), EllieGrid has also received praise and support from leaders in the medical technology industry. They took home 1st place at the IBM Cultivate Health Hackathon in 2015, and in 2016, finished first at the Deep Dive Open Innovation in Depression Challenge Sponsored by Takeda and Medstartr at the Health 2.0 Conference in Santa Clara.

In regards to the support they’ve received thus far, Regina Vatterott says, “the support we have gotten over the past few years for EllieGrid has been amazing! It’s so exciting so have people from the pharmaceutical and medical device industries see our lifestyle accessory as something that can have a huge positive impact on people. We’ve even had athletes like Venus Williams tell us how much they like and need EllieGrid, and for us that’s huge! It means we’ve really reached our goal of creating a product that people can and want to use to lead healthy lives.”

After having the chance to play with EllieGrid, I can see how this new health accessory can really help me keep up with my supplements and medications. It’s been a great tool for scheduling when to take my medications, and I highly suggest checking it out for yourself and your loved ones! You can find more information on their smart pillbox, and it’s mission to promote healthy lifestyles here.

-Adair Reidy