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*Citation Needed*

If you’re not willing to put in the effort to find evidence to back up your claims, I’m not going to put in the effort to refute them. Two things, though-

  1. Crime is crime. I don’t give two figs about Antifa, and if they’re violent they should go to jail just like anybody else who gets violent should go to jail.
  2. They’re not “ presumed but undocumented” Nazis, they were doing Nazi salutes, chanting Nazi slogans, and there was even a guy with a Nazi flag. How is that not Nazis?

I believe that our country deserves better infrastructure, cheaper healthcare, fewer armed conflicts, and less corruption in our government. The reason I hate Donald Trump isn’t so much because he’s identifying as Republican, it’s because he’s not doing any of those things, even the ones he said he would. He’s also doing some pretty awful things, like reducing regulations on big businesses to allow them to pollute more and allowing cops to get military gear that they aren’t trained to use.

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