I’m sorry, but I am not a racist asshole, which is what I think you just called me.
Lauren Holliday

I’ve been quietly following this conversation, and I completely understand how frustrating it feels to be attacked by someone who doesn’t understand you. That being said, I’d like to submit a few rebuttals for your consideration:

  • Terrorism since 9/11 has killed ~3,000 Americans, with the bulk of those deaths happening on 9/11 itself. A conservative estimate of the number of people we’ve killed in the Middle East as of last year put the death toll at 1 million. If you want something to be afraid of, you should be more afraid of… cars, television sets, and fireworks. Seriously. Terrorism is… well… terrifying, but the mass media tends to latch onto it and make it seem bigger than it is because it gets viewership / money for them.
  • Is it really fair to blame Hillary for Bill’s scandals? I mean she’s done a bunch of things that I don’t agree with or support, but saying that Bill’s scandal with Monica is her responsibility is like saying it’s Trump’s wives’ fault that he’s cheated on them.
  • Most of the things Donald Trump says are patently false. There is no substance to him. In fact, many of the issues you raise about Hillary are issues that could just as easily be raised with Trump.

My personal opinion of Trump is that he doesn’t really care about being president and helping our countrymen- he just wants to do what he wants to do, and make as much money as he can while he does it. I don’t expect to change your opinion on him, but I really just want to make sure that you don’t believe in him for the wrong reasons.

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