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Take advantage of being stuck at home— set up your online business for under $200.

Ellie Dailey
Mar 12 · 2 min read

As technologies innovate they need to beat the old school competition by being better, cheaper, more powerful and easier to use.

Over the past 4 years of setting up and running 3 businesses remotely, I’ve learned by trial and error that there are loads of tools out there, some are more excellent than others.

As CoronaVirus has us trapped at home — perhaps now is the time to set up your online business. Here’s a very quick overview of a handful of tools that will enable you to set up a business from scratch for under $200.

Domains: peruse GoDaddy or for your website name to see what’s available and get some ideas. If .com isn’t available .AI is super trendy, .space is cool, .online works… there are lots of options.

Don’t buy your domain name yet though — do it through Squarespace or Wordpress to build your website.

I love Squarespace as it is sleek, the templates are beautiful, and the user experience is intuitive. Wordpress is a bit more robust. is cheap and cheerful.

Let’s use Squarespace as the journey example: From here you can set up your G-suite account and be For $25 per month you’ll get a free domain, and a G-suite account that will give you access to an email, calendar, spreadsheets, documents, shared drives, google hangout, youtube, forms, microsites, anything you need.

Squarespace also links directly to Acuity or Calendly, so you can set up a scheduling system so people can book appointments.

If you’re selling services or products you can also set up payments through Square via Squarespace or Stripe, adding taxes, shipping fees etc, in a very straightforward manner.

Now it’s time to market your business.

You can create beautiful pictures and collateral through Canva.

You can build wonderful videos with Biteable.

You can now set up social media accounts — and fill them with those lovely images and videos.

Instead of posting daily you can aggregate your social media through Hootsuite or or Sprout — setting up the week ahead on a content calendar.

A CRM can be cheap and cheerful — you can compare prices and functionality on the G2 Crowd or Capterra.

Finances can be done through Quickbooks, Legal through Legalzoom, and there are all sorts of HR services available for small businesses if you hire contractors or employees.

Industry-specific software is available for every business from salons to consultancies, to Shopify to Etsy.

Setting up a business now is so much more pain-free than it was 4 years ago — everyone should have a side hustle — and it’s super fun!

There are loads more tools out there — which ones would you recommend for fledgling businesses and solopreneurs?

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