Do not innovate. Do not grow. Do not exit. And do not be a startup.

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“Our company fails the real world test in all kinds of ways.”

In the late 90s, a web designer called Jason Fried started a company with two friends in Chicago. The company’s name was 37Signals and like many others at the time, the trio redesigned people’s websites. But unlike their peers, the way they went about…

Do we need to delude ourselves to stay mentally healthy?

I once met an old lady from Florida whose name now eludes me, whose face I can’t remember at all, but whose capacity for delusion I’ll not forget, for never in my life have I envied anyone quite so much.

She was inching towards her 60s, maybe a little past…

How a pair of psychologists uncovered a link between isolation, the immune system, and our genes

Illustrations by Mariana Barakchieva

Like most scientists, Steve Cole didn’t believe things happened without reason. But no matter which variable he tested—and he tried all the usual suspects, from sleep to sex—nothing seemed to explain why the gay men were dying.

It was the late 1980s, the age that gave us the personal computer…

How “bad genes” may actually make us stronger

Illustrations: Mariana Barakchieva

Not long ago in rural Maryland, a mere 50 miles from the bustle of downtown D.C., there was a lab in which a scientist and a few hundred rhesus macaque monkeys, over five decades, turned out gobs and gobs of data to decode what, ultimately, makes us who we are…

Elitsa Dermendzhiyska

Social entrepreneur & editor of ‘What Doesn’t Kill You’ — deeply personal stories by 13 authors & thinkers

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