I’m waiting for those nights where I can curl up beside you and fall asleep with my toes intertwined with yours. Those mornings when I can roll over and kiss you in your stubbly sleepy face. To watch the sleepy grump turn into an angel with a godlike smile.

The harder I work, the harder I fall in love with whatever I’m doing. Passion grows strong and hard. But nothing in this world makes me feel the way you do. You are my passion and my obsession. And I’m waiting for our day, the day I can admit out loud to myself and to our family and friends.

As I look along the pathway of my life I smile because of all I accomplished. When I look forward all I can see is my hard work paying off. That means you too. Everything I’ve done and everything I’ve been through has led up to this moment; all of this have shaped my personality.

When you look at me look at the girl who learned how to ride a big bike at the age of 4 without anyone’s help. Look at the girl who spent most of her free time helping the community. Look at me as the girl who has been bullied many times but got through it. I’ve been through a lot, But look at me as the girl who is in love with you and who will love you for the rest of our lives.

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