What iOS 10 Has in Its Bag for You?

Whenever Apple take it to the stage at Worldwide Developers Conference(WDC), the tech giant never fails to amaze its users. At the 2016 edition of WDC, apple announced it’s much awaited mobile operating system, iOS 10. The tenth version has come up with various new features while fixing all the previous ones that have grown unkempt and rough over the last few years.

Though the beta version for iphone app developers has been made available to download by the Apple. However, it tells a lot about the features that are going to be present in the new iOS 10. So let’s get started:

Enhanced SIRI

Siri is going to be a lot more useful now since developers would be able to integrate AI into their applications. Well, there is a lot more than that. While there are many third-party applications, like OpenTable and Yelp, which have already intermingled with Siri, but to say, it is a very short list. There are hell lot of other apps that share this stage. These include WhatsApp, Slack, WeChat, and much more which will easily work on the commands of your voice. With Siri opened up to developers, Apple has taken the audio interface battle with Google’s now, Amazon’s Alexa and Microsoft’s Cortana to the next level.

Polished UI

Apple has now made impressive efforts to made some serious improvements in the User Interface. Now the users have the alternative to the present white dialog box with the addition of dark mode. It appears to be an amazing makeover, but it will be more useful in terms of power saving when Apple will make its switch to OLED screens in 2017.

Furthermore, one of the thing that often annoyed the users was that the stock applications that could not be deleted in the iOS. However, the latest version allows them to delete the apps. Yes, they can be downloaded from App store again.

Other Changes

With the iOS 10, there are a lot of features that can provide an amazing experience to every user. These include more responsive notifications, open and prettier apps and much more. These are just a drop in an ocean.

To conclude, Apple has made hell-bent efforts to evolve all the features provided by the OS. They have refined the way things are offered to the users and have provided an ease of access to developers. Astoundingly, the latest version of the OS has provided the tech giant with a chance to grow in number of areas, where there the competition has already made its hold. If you are among those business owners, looking to develop an iOS app for your business, then it is high time that you should be contacting with a mobile application development company.