How much does it cost to build your app?

The 21st century has witnessed the tremendous growth of the mobile app market. But there are a number of aspects that still remain unknown by many customers. One of such questions among the customers is: How much does it cost to make an app?

Before that we need to look at several factors that influence the cost of an app.

Influencing factors of the Cost

The features of the app are the main factors that influence its price. How much you pay for it is directly dependent on the features. For that reason, the cost varies according to the features included. As far as the development process is concerned, you can include all expenses towards the inclusion of common features such as:

  • Design of your app
  • Email login, integration with social media
  • Creation of user profile
  • In-app payments
  • Integration of app with the website

App Development Platforms

In order to understand the cost for the creation of mobile app, it is vital to know the platform(s) you’re trying to get your app build for. Take into account that, higher the reach of your app to different platforms, higher will be the cost of development.

Now comes the difference of cost between iOS and Android app development. There is hardly a difference in cost between the development of iOS and Android applications, despite the fact that Android can now and then cost somewhat more. This is because of the more OS versions and devices that an application should be optimized for.

Moreover, if you want a smooth development of your app, there is a need for both the client and developers to agree on clear objectives.

In case you are still facing any difficulty, you can contact any developer or an app development company for assistance depending on your requirements. For instance, if your app focuses on android platform get in touch with an Android App Development Company that can solve all your problems.

Getting back to the main question: How much to make an app?

  • For a simple application, any company may charge around Ten Thousand Dollars ($10K). These types of apps do not take a long time to develop. An example, could be apps built for specific company implementing its campaign.
  • Apps with included database, whether available on device or external source such as web service or APIs will cost a little higher than a simple app. Similarly, hardware-based apps fall under the same category, such as photographic applications.
  • But, developing game apps can prove to be the most expensive deal. Reason behind this is the high performance and graphic qualities of smartphones. The impressive example, can be none other than the award winning game, Angry Birds.

Mobile apps are not only about quaint diversions; they happen to live on the most imperative development to tag along in decades: our mobile phones. Despite of all things, development of apps requires a major investment of vision, time and money. It is necessary to be driven by the idea that you get what you pay for. Remember it every day, and see your business asset reach whole new levels.