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Climate change has dominated the headlines in the last few years due to the alarming rate at which the global temperature is rising, and we need to act now before we pass the point of no return. If you are not a believer in climate change, hopefully by the end of this article, you will understand why this is so serious and will want to join the climate strike movement.

Currently making waves on social media, is a Swedish climate activist named Greta Thunberg. At 16 years old, this activist inspired people around the world to act on this matter…

Have you ever wondered if there is life outside of our solar system? I’m sure most of us wondered before about our existence and if we are truly alone in space. As a kid, I always was fascinated with space, all the stars, and planets and due to my curiosity in cosmology, I decided to use Machine Learning algorithms to investigate a Nasa dataset. Let me guide you into a deep learning adventure into space.

Do you know what an Exoplanet is?

An Exoplanet (Extrasolar planet) is a planet that exists outside our solar system. Many exoplanets have been discovered over the years by Nasa’s Kepler telescope

Throughout my CS journey, I found it’s sometimes difficult to remember certain algorithms or data structures. Sometimes an algorithm can be very complex and you might forget some important steps, especially under the pressure of a coding interview.

Most people when they are facing an unknown challenge they tend to freak out, which is normal but hopefully after you read this you will be much more confident when you are facing a new challenge.

If you are facing a problem that takes crucial thinking, there are a few guidelines that can help you. …

Elliot Briant

Hi and welcome to my profile. I’m a very creative and ambitious young software engineer based in San Francisco. Instagram: @the_social_hacker

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