I’m on Medium, and I’m going back to India

I haven’t written anything in a while, which isn’t good, as I’m supposed to be a writer. No, Twitter baiting — however informed — doesn’t count. Nor do long, tedious Facebook monologues about Brexit, Wahhabism and Mirka Federer.

Anyway, I’m going to India again — Bangalore, again — after three long years. I was there for 10 weeks last time and didn’t get to see any big league cricket. How’s that for luck? The elections were on (to be fair, I like elections, and I was in the world’s largest democracy) so the Indian Premier League was sent packing to the UAE for the first couple of weeks. But rotten luck.

Not so this time. All being well I’ll be seeing the Royal Challengers take on the Delhi Daredevils, Mumbai Indians and the Rising Pune Supergiants (dreadful name, not-so-dreadful players).

What’s so great about Bangalore?

Bangalore is something else — one of the world’s best cities, hand down. Yes, Western influence has crept in (the Chicken McTikka ain’t all that), but it’s still buzzing and beautiful. The food’s a dream and the nightlife’s vibrant — there is a curfew, but Bangaloreans just start earlier. And, if you can escape the near-monopoly of Kingfisher, the beer is superb too.

What’s more, with such a comparatively low cost of living, you can live it up for less. Beats the States any day.

If I had one regret last time it was failing to document my stay. I know what I did and where I did it, but piecing it altogether and remembering those quirky anecdotes isn’t as simple as you imagine it will be at the time.

I’m not really one for photos. Why travel half way around the world to look through a lens? But I do like writing, and Medium is perfect for a quick ramble.

So, no promises, but I’ll try my best to keep you updated, and give you a glimpse of India you probably never knew existed.

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