Elliott McNary How do you manage to cover your costs?what
Prithviraj Sukale

Keep going! FCC is awesome.

I was able to find a sales job within the first few weeks of being in Melbourne. The pay was industry-standard for an entry level position, but Melbourne is not cheap.

The key for me is to live frugally (which I learned by making $50K/year living in Nob Hill in SF). I’m able to be jobless right now due to the amount I was able to save in my 6 months of working here. I discovered programming, fell in love, and quit my job to pursue learning full-time.

I try to limit myself to eating out 3–4 times per week and cooking the rest of my meals. I don’t really go out to bars because, well, I don’t really enjoy it.

Fortunately, my interests (music, programming, reading stuff) are pretty low-cost . I should be able to live in Bali very comfortably for around $900 AUD/month (~$650 USD).

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