Accepting the unreceived.

A few years ago it was very hard for me to live with the fact that some people will not apologize for their wrong doings towards others. It’s easy to get angry and think about why people do the unjust things they do to others without a second thought or care. It’s easy to worry yourself over the nerve of someone not apologizing for disrespecting you, shaming you and etc. But it’s not easy for individuals to just accept the apology they never received. I recently discovered that by accepting the apologizes you probably never will receive, you are actually regaining control in your life. I owe it to myself to accept the unreceived. I do not deserve to hold myself back, being angry at the ones who wronged me. They are continuing to live their lives guilt free, stuck on one level. So why should i allow them to consume my thoughts and my life? I care about my health, my spiritual health, mental health and psychical health. That is more important then expecting apologizes. I expect to keep ascending with new knowledge in my life. Thank you to the ones who wronged me. Thanks for showing me what not to be like and how not to treat people.