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Improving my driving with Digital Mums

(A short story about cars, their drivers and the unexpected bumps on the road)

Eleanor Mitchiner
Oct 18, 2015 · 3 min read

One day I was standing in the school playground thinking that with all the walking I’d done in recent years my driving skills could do with an update. At the very same time one of my fellow parents started telling me about a friend of a friend who had just finished a refresh your driving skills course and was raving about it.

“What is this driving course?

“It’s a specialist course, for mums who are looking to beef up their driving skills and get more work driving. They supply you with a car to practise on and everything. “

“Where do I sign up?”

And the rest is history.

Except it isn’t a driving course but the Digital Mums training for Social Media Managers. Your car is a real life client with live social media accounts for you to learn on. Digital Mums, the team that run the web based training, guiding you along the road all the way.

What they don’t tell you when you set out in your car is that the road can be bumpy. Your car may reveal that it actually didn’t quite mean to go this way and will go another, despite you frantically turning the steering wheel to compensate.

At times you’ll be sitting in your car thinking you will never reach your destination no matter how hard you turn the wheel.

You’ll see other trainees happily navigating their cars, waving at you as they carry on down the main road, the one you know you should be on.

You might even break down at the side of the road for a while and then you’ll be thinking that you might just give up on this whole driving idea anyway.

But when you are sitting, frustrated and low at the side of the road you discover that you are not alone. Your guides are still there with you. They are encouraging you on, suggesting a new lever to pull or a manual hidden in a side pocket. More than that the other trainee car drivers are encouraging you too. Ok some of them may be speeding ahead but most aren’t and they are all sharing what it is like to be in their car. You find out that actually it is not just your car that isn’t driving straight to the destination. Most of them have one issue or another. It is the nature of cars that are generous enough to let you learn on them.

So, at the end, when you do reach your destination you discover that you have learnt so much more than you’d expected. You’ve updated your driving skills of course but more importantly you’ve learnt that every car is different. You’ve learnt that now you’ve a couple of routes under your belt you are well equipped to drive different routes with different cars. You’ve regained any lost confidence in driving and navigating the road.

Most importantly you have learnt that you are not alone. There’s a wonderful community of supportive ex trainees who will continue to share their driving experiences and tips for fuel efficiency with you. Ex trainees like you who are now out there, looking for chauffeur work and who are profoundly grateful to their training car and trainers. Even if sometimes the road was very bumpy .

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