“90% of all those who fail are not defeated. They simply quit.”

A while back, while volunteering at a community center and scraping paint off a window, I had an amazing realization about life. I had scraped nearly 98% of the paint off that window when I stopped, looked at it, and thought perhaps someone else could come & finish this while I go do something else. What an “Ah ha” moment!

I was about to QUIT !

No way was I going to be among the 90% that give up before achieving success! I furiously began scraping off the last pieces of paint, vowing to forge ahead in all my endeavors, and to study the reasons why people quit. I accomplished clearing the window of paint and felt euphorically successful.

That’s it in a nutshell. When we give up and quit it knocks our self esteem and confidence. Quitting keeps us small and stops us from creating larger and more glorious achievements in our life. What if we stopped “waiting” to build up our self confidence and got into action. Taking action builds self confidence and not the other way around.

What if we could hold on to our dreams, sacredly, never wavering from the steadfast belief in their manifestations? You know what would happen? You’d achieve them. Holding on reverently to our dreams brings them to us in the physical world.

Remember, it’s not that your dreams weren’t meant to happen. You just gave up on them too soon. I’d like to extend tremendous Kudos to someone who stuck with her dream, steadfastly for months. She believed with all her heart, even when all evidence in the physical realm defied her. Now, she is smiling, blessed, and living her dream.

My deepest respect to you, dear friend, for trusting me and allowing me to be there for you during that time. Her friends say it’s a miracle and she’s lucky. She worked for her dream. She didn’t give up and she didn’t quit. She inspires me daily to hold onto my dream as it unfolds.

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