Social Imbalance: The Cause of Violent Extremism in the North East

I am not a security expert but i understand security consequences, been a person who lived in an area affected by spate of insurgent i can tell a little story of how abysmal failure of our successive political leaders to address problem of poverty, literacy and unemployment led to a catastrophic security situation in my state.

Children roaming streets and begging in the name of Almajiri

In my opinion, social imbalance is the root course of the insurgency in the north east, the question here is how do we bring and end to this situation. There is need for our political leaders to focus their attention on educating youth especially those in vulnerable areas, such as remote places (Boko Haram recruit target).

I strongly believed educating the youth and empowering them will go a long way in distancing our youth from joining radical extremist campaign so that #NotAnotherNigerian will be Boko Haram recruit target.