Experienced healthcare professional, Elmer Alegado, explains why people are choosing to be CNAs.

If you’re interested in joining the healthcare field quickly, the career path for a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) may be for you. According to Elmer Alegado, President of StrategiCareStaffing, certified nursing assistants significantly improve the lives of their patients. Plus, CNAs are some of the most essential members of healthcare teams, working closely with nurses and therapists.

The career is often chosen by adults who are passionate about making a difference and helping others. They assist patients with their daily activities, record vital signs, and coordinate schedules.

LATHROP, CA, USA, June 4, 2020 / EINPresswire.com/ — Elmer Alegado believes being a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) is a great career choice and extremely rewarding. They help their patients in a variety of ways across many different types of facilities. But for elderly patients, Elmer Alegado explains that CNAs are essential to their everyday life. Certified nursing assistants keep things running smoothly and often determine the level of care a patient receives.

According to Elmer Alegado, CNAs are an integral part of a patient-care team providing physical care and emotional support when assisting medical staff. The medical staff relies on CNAs for being their eyes and ears to notice any health changes for the patient. These caregivers often know their patients better than anyone outside of the person’s family. …

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Elmer Alegado is a leader in the strategic staffing in the healthcare field. He uses the same techniques as president of Strategic Staffing, Inc. as in other areas of life.

Strategic Staffing, Inc. specializes in helping hospitals and other healthcare facilities operate at optimal staffing Capacity. This includes analyzing staffing patterns from previous years and projecting potential staffing needs into the future. Elmer Alegado, a nurse’s expertise helps healthcare facilities operate at maximum efficiency, cot costs, and better care for their patients.

However these philosophies easily cross over to other industries, and Elmer Alegado can help other organizations reach maximum staffing efficiency too. Many companies, no matter the size or industry, waste money by employing more people than necessary. Outdated, complicated procedures lead to a bloated company that will never reach its full potential. By streamlining processes and finding opportunities to increase efficiency, companies can do the same amount of work with lower staffing levels. This behavior also frees up staff for more essential tasks and allows employees to reach their full potential. Whether you’re running a small business, managing a department, or heading up a team of volunteers, these principals can help your team run more smoothly.


Elmer Alegado

Elmer Alegado received a BS in Biology, Doctor of Medicine & Bachelor of Science in Nursing. He worked as a physician in the Philippines & is now a nurse in CA.

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