Top 12 Favorite ‘Tales’ Series Characters

Last time, I wrote about my six favorite Tales characters at that point. On the heels of finally finishing Tales of Berseria (excellent game by the way), I wanted to re-evaluate which characters I genuinely liked. There is a lot to choose from, and I have yet to play every entry in the Tales series.

Tales of Berseria Logo
Tales of Berseria Logo

Still, I wanted to expand the list to 12 characters this time around because six, in total, does not seem to do the series justice.

And like last time, I will divide the list into six characters for each gender (with a rule of one character per series for each gender, respectively). Again, please keep in mind this is my list and my list alone. These are my favorite characters up to this point.

Warning — there may be some POTENTIAL SPOILERS for some games in the Tales series as well. Without further ado, let’s dive into the list! Just to mix it up, let’s start with the guys first instead of the girls.

6. Emil Castagnier (Ratatosk Mode) — Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World

Emil Castagnier

I am a sucker for “angry modes” as a plot device. Something is engrossing about seeing a character flip a switch and become someone entirely different. Emil letting Ratatosk take over in Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World follows the same kind of logic.

The kind and gentle Emil turns vicious when Ratatosk takes over in battle.

Such an anime-like power, but it’s a good one for the Tales series.

5. Zaveid — Tales of Zestiria


Completing the sidequests in Tales of Berseria made me appreciate Zaveid more in Tales of Zestiria. In fact, Zaveid is a compelling dude in plenty of ways. He is someone who “follows the wind” wherever it takes him, and this is all while he tries to uphold his own creed.

Also, is it a coincidence his wind powers are green, and green is my favorite color? I think not.

4. Raven — Tales of Vesperia


You should respect your elders. As the self-appointed “old man” of your group in Tales of Vesperia, Raven brings a lot of know-how and more to the table. Not to mention, I think his funky archery skills are cool to watch in action. Old man or not, Raven rocks.

3. Eizen — Tales of Berseria


Eizen is a badass. A pirate badass to boot. Using Eizen in combat felt like living out a pirate fantasy.

He also embodies many interesting ideas. As the “Reaper,” Eizen suffers from a curse that brings misfortune wherever he goes. Due to this curse, he fights with his fists because he literally cannot trust any weapon. But with his fists, he controls his own destiny.

2. Rowen — Tales of Xillia


One should respect real wisdom. And Rowen from Tales of Xillia has plenty to spare.

Battle-tested and a true sage, Rowen fights with the precision and skill of a “conductor.” Masterfully destroying enemies at his own controlled pace, Rowen proves that age is just a number.

1. Ludger Kresnik — Tales of Xillia 2

Ludger Kresnik

Loves cats. Loves cooking. Has the power of the Chromatus. Capable of fighting with multiple weapons. Every party member literally falls in love with him. Gary Stu or the “perfect” character we all should strive to become?

6. Anise Tatlin — Tales of the Abyss

Anise Tatlin

Surprisingly enough, I thought I would not like Anise at face value when I first played Tales of the Abyss. But quickly, I grew to love Anise’s personality enough that she became the character I ended up controlling as in battles.

Her weapon is unique. She magically turns the doll on her back, Tokunaga, into an instrument of war, which grows in size that she rides atop of to victory!

Whether she flails the doll’s arms at you or blasts you with powerful spells, Anise may be cute as a button, but you should not underestimate her.

5. Rose — Tales of Zestiria


Frankly, anyone who has played Tales of Zestiria will often say many great things about Rose. She is bold, confident, knows what she wants and says what is on her mind.

Her resolve is respectable. Not to mention, she is so darn cool. Playing as her in battle was loads of fun for me. You get to jump around doing flips and other acrobatic feats.

It is such a waste she was not the main character. What a shame.

4. Pascal — Tales of Graces


This entry is the only substitution from the previous list. Sorry, Cheria Barnes, but Pascal has you beat this time. I had to be 100 percent honest with this one. Pascal is brilliant but quirky. Also, her quirkiness is what makes her so endearing.

Throughout the story of Tales of Graces, Pascal always tries to have an uplifting, cheerful attitude about everything. Plus, her fighting style is unique and intriguing. Calling it wacky would just be scratching the surface.

Overall, Pascal is a whole load of fun because she is herself. Through and through!

3. Rita Mordio — Tales of Vesperia

Rita Mordio

In a sea of overly bubbly and upbeat characters, Rita Mordio from Tales of Vesperia brings a different angle that I think is important as well. In many ways, I can relate with Rita because of random aspects. For one thing, she is socially awkward. But despite this, she is, in fact, a genius.

Overly obsessive about her research, Rita has difficulty making friends or establishing any rapport for that matter. It is not until she meets up with the rest of Tales of Vesperia cast that she starts to open up. Beneath the surface of a smart girl lies a lovable, but misunderstood person.

2. Velvet Crowe — Tales of Berseria

Velvet Crowe

Perhaps Velvet is fresh on the mind since completing Tales of Berseria so recently, but Velvet is an awesome character nonetheless. She may come off as overly edgy at first (the particular name she mentions again and again alone can drive you crazy).

However, Velvet’s motivation is clear from start to finish. And because of this, I believe her vendetta to go after that certain person in the name of revenge makes the story in Tales of Berseria that much stronger.

1. Milla Maxwell — Tales of Xillia

Milla Maxwell

Honestly, I don’t see any other female character in the Tales series replacing Milla anytime soon in my №1 slot. The first time I played Tales of Xillia, I actually picked Jude Mathis’ story first, but I ended up using Milla as my main character in battle.

After all, what is there to say about Milla other than the fact that she is strong, sexy and such a driving force for the game’s storyline. I wish more female protagonists were like her — in the Tales series or otherwise.

In a game series chocked full of potential “waifu” characters, Milla would be my ultimate choice. Without a doubt.

So, who are your favorite characters in the Tales series?

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