Overwatch has officially announced that Brigitte will be hero №27 for the game. After much speculation among fans, Brigitte had already made her appearance in previous bits of lore like comics, and she even appeared in the “Honor and Glory” animated short.

Armed with a rocket flail weapon and her own shield, she will enter the fray as an up-close-and-personal support character who is all about controlling space while providing assistance for her allies through healing and armor.

Brigitte’s playstyle revolves around getting into her enemies’ faces, constantly whirling her flail around to wreak havoc. …

These days, there are SO MANY shows to consider watching, especially when it comes to Netflix. With so many potential shows vying for your attention, it’s difficult to decide. Ideally, you want to find something worthwhile that gives you more value for your entertainment fix. Black Mirror is such a show you should consider.

Basically, Black Mirror explores the premise of advanced technology in society. But more importantly, it shows the consequences of such tech. The neat part of this show is how each episode is a standalone story outlining a different piece of technology.

For instance, there is an…

Finally. The wait is over. Incredibles 2, the sequel to the much-beloved Incredibles film, rolled out its teaser trailer today. It will hit theaters on June 15, 2018.

The trailer shows the character Jack-Jack using his various powers to walk toward the superhero family’s logo. He uses eye lasers to write the “II” symbol in the logo. Afterward, we see a delighted Bob (Mr. Incredible) lifting up Jack-Jack and praising him for having powers.

Everyone’s favorite family of superheroes is back in “Incredibles 2” — but this time Helen (voice of Holly Hunter) is in the spotlight, leaving Bob…

Warner Bros. Pictures released the “Official Heroes” trailer for the Justice League movie. When it comes to superhero stuff, I love the DC Comics side more than their Marvel counterpart. Naturally, this means I prefer the likes of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and so forth compared to many heroes you would find in the Avengers. But to each their own.

I do not want to turn this into a DC-against-Marvel discussion. However, I will admit that Marvel has mostly had DC’s number when it comes to motion pictures (though DC easily dominates the animation realm). …

Get your chef coats on — it’s another season of Hell’s Kitchen! Its 17th-season debut ran on Sept. 29.

As an aspiring chef and someone who has worked off and on from restaurants over the years, I just love these types of shows. A huge fan.

Hell’s Kitchen
has Gordon Ramsay serving up another season, who I consider to be the best celebrity chef in the world.

Whether you like tuning in for Ramsay’s meme-worthy insults (e.g., IT’S RAW!) or you appreciate the hard work it takes to be part of a cooking line, Hell’s Kitchen has persisted as…

On September 13, South Park kicked off its 21st season. It started with “White People Renovating Houses.” Just like in the past few seasons, South Park will continue its social commentary-focused episodes. Expect lots of comedy about current events/hot-button issues done in satirical fashion.

I have always loved South Park since I was a kid, but how was the Season 21 debut episode? Well, I found the initial episode to be so-so overall. Expect some spoilers below as I explain my reasoning why.

Disney and Kingdom Hearts characters have become even more adorable, as Square Enix® announced a collaboration between Disney Tsum Tsum and KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ[Cross]. This month, players of the popular chart-topping mobile RPG will be able to embark on new story quests and take part in a variety of Tsum Tsum in-game events, including:

  • Mickey & Pals as New Tsum Tsum Medal Summons (Sept. 8–21) — Players can obtain four cute but powerful limited-time Tsum Tsum Medals featuring Mickey, Sora, and other familiar characters through a new ten medal draw, with each draw guaranteeing one Tsum Tsum medal.

Straight to the point, Death Note definitely misses the mark as an adaption for one of the most well-respected manga/anime series out there. Though it is not the worst movie by any means, this Netflix original film is rather mediocre as a standalone title.

As someone who loves the anime series for its brilliance and memorable moments, I just found this Death Note to lack the oomph factor of its source material.

(Minor spoiler warnings below.)

Why have I not discovered Eternal sooner? This free-to-play card game on both Steam and mobile has been flying under the radar. I did not hear about this game until literally a few weeks ago.

But regardless, long story short, consider me now hooked.

After a few matches to see what this game was about, everything started to snowball from there. Before I knew it, I found myself dabbling in all of the game modes and having a blast collecting cards toward my first “real” deck.

Believe the hype — Spider-Man: Homecoming is the best Spidey film to date. In this day and age, perhaps people are too liberal with the use of “best” and “worst” when it comes to movies, but this particular film deserves the BEST distinction entirely.

From start to finish with this film, I loved just about every element: the plot, the characters, the dialogue, the cinematography, the action sequences, the moral of the story and more. I wish every superhero big picture could be this good all of the time.


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