4 New Amazing Tesla Features

Business Insider

1) Michael Cera Mode

Our most ambitious feature yet! Our team at Tesla Motors attached a GPS into the upper back of Michael Cera, allowing your Tesla to match his current speed in real time.

When Cera is not in motion, your Tesla will run off a collection of “Cera Speeds”. This software update allows the user to switch between Cera’s average walking speed (3.3 mph) running speed (8.2 mph) or crawling speed (14.5 mph) with just a tap on the screen.

2) Pop-Out Headlights

Being resourceful is the key to great design. All Tesla’s produced after Spring 2018 will come equipped with Pop-out headlights.

Inspired by the 1983 Nissan Silvia S12, these headlights bring together intuitive design with breakthrough technology. These lights feature a performance rate of 18 bitrate and a dynamic fluid occulator, allowing your car to reach 490 Quanti-K on just one Octa-Sync.

3)Blue Circle Mode

Our big selling point with this update is the ability to make a blue circle while driving.

Activate blue circle mode and your Tesla will produce an effervescent blue circle surrounding your car. This feature is perfect for families and commuters seeking to maximize their iCore functionality while maintaining enough retina-graph to Facetime the Knicks game.

4) EvoMetric

The Term “EvoMetric” or EM when used in context refers to enhanced computer technology framework that allows version control and object oriented programming to systematically cache in a relational database management system.

Imbedding EM technology allows Real Sense data to administer a variable bitrate of nearly half Evo per Million Metric. The sleek design of the APX transmitter features a brand new VP87-i3 processor chip capable of producing twice the amount of X-VNI with out sacrificing Qual-Flex.

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