Is This Problem Worth Solving? 4 Tips From Me.

1) Are People Talking About It?

Use keywords on Twitter to see what people want. For example, I use the words “Elon” and “Musk” to measure which product I should turn into a billion dollar industry.

Looks like a lot of people hate printers…This is a problem worth solving.

2) Announce Your Product At A Keynote Speech

After you’ve hired engineers and designers to build your product. Announce it at your next keynote speech.

3) The Survey

Audiences are skeptical. So tell your audience there’s a little survey underneath their chairs. Ask them to fill it out. Then let them in on a secret: Their survey was printed on a Tesla Printer. They will go wild.

4) Announce The Price And Release Date

Announce that the Tesla Printer, which is priced at only $100, will be available this August and that you’re taking pre-orders starting…now.

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