Elona, I think you are right on with this.
Jacqueline Jannotta

Thank you. I agree…let’s examine when suppression worked…oh! That would be NEVER.

And in light of the recent exchange on FB, I am feeling more and more discouraged that discussion about what really matters- fear, privilege, violence — cannot happen, even among so-called allies.

I think I express that best in my other article: https://medium.com/@ElonaLandau/the-other-f-word-3db82cfb2df8#.ajop7pn9w

“Every time I read an article on one of my feminist social media sources, regardless of the initial topic or question being addressed, or even a women-centered event, the comments rapidly devolve into readers (usually women who identify as feminists) attacking other readers (usually other women who identify as feminists). Even though in a more general sense the readers are almost all “on the same side” (self-selecting media and all), disputes over language, tone, cultural appropriation, lack of intersectionality and the like not only diminishes the impact that the author intended but also stifles discussion.”

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