7 Tips For A Positive Divorce, Advice From Holistic Divorce Coach And Family Law Attorney, Maria Akopyan

Divorce is not the outcome anyone expects or wants when they say, “I do”, and the pain and emotional rollercoaster that surrounds a breakup of a marriage and family can drive decisions made from anger, or damaged emotions. Family law attorney Maria Akopyan founded Dignified Divorce Coaching to help guide women through a divorce in a holistic way that fosters healing, personal growth, and self-love. A one-of-a-kind approach combining therapy, law, spirituality, and life coaching, the program leads women through the phases of divorce with a fully comprehensive, holistic mindset helping them empower themselves and find happiness and peace post-divorce.

Akopyan offers some general advice below to women who want to experience a positive and smooth divorce.

7 Tips Towards Achieving A Positive Divorce

  • Manage emotions first – Work with a therapist, support group, or divorce coach to work through and manage emotions so they do not drive a messy divorce based on rash decisions.

Akopyan has a passion for helping people, as she says family law is where the true pain and emotions are felt. She finds that helping people transform from a state of suffering to being empowered is her life’s purpose. She knows a peaceful, dignified divorce is possible, and she is striving to take away the negative experiences many women have by showing them how to navigate the process in a unique way. Her whole picture approach provides a path forward with hope and empowerment, rather than devastation and lifelong pain. Connect with her on Facebook, and Instagram, and visit her website for free resources such as her Divorce Checklist and her free training that covers the 3 crucial steps for divorcing smoothly, peacefully and cost-effectively.



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