How One Serial Entrepreneur is Making a Difference in the Caribbean Community

Elora Cummins
4 min readOct 7, 2021


David Annakie is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for helping Caribbean and other multicultural individuals live better lives. Within the last 3 decades as a radio broadcaster and business owner, he has built successful businesses under The LinkUp Media Group of Companies, in industries ranging from entertainment to wellness and marketing to finance. He presently seeks to educate minority communities on a variety of topics on his renowned radio show, LinkUp Radio on 93.5FM NY WVIP.

Although Annakie was born in Jamaica, he immigrated to the Bronx at a very young age. Growing up, he was keenly aware of the lack of education and resources available to the immigrant community he was a part of. Basic education on matters of nutrition and exercise were not easily accessible. Access to financial and real estate advice was even harder to come by. For immigrant families, attaining the “American Dream” is difficult, if not impossible. Annakie experienced these hurdles first hand, but persevered nonetheless. This determination contributed to a successful career in leadership roles at companies like IBM, Nestle, Kraft General Foods, and Pepsi-Cola.

By the mid-’90s Annakie had become weary of the corporate world. He had had a lifelong dream of being on the radio, so he approached 93.5FM WVIP, a New York Radio station and began acquiring air time. His charisma and innate ability soon established him as one of the station’s top Broadcasters and within a few years, he had begun landing brand deals. This was his foray into the world of Entrepreneurship, hence The. LinkUp Media Group. A company. dedicated to creating companies to fill a void within African-American and Caribbean communities. Drawing upon years of experience in the corporate world, executing big ideas, and managing teams, Annakie has helped countless business owners succeed. Within this venture, he discovered his passion for helping minority communities Become healthier, grow their businesses and achieve financial freedom. Armed with a desire to reach a broader audience, he developed coined “LinkUp Radio” intending to empower his listeners. The show covers a wide range of topics, educating listeners. with hosts on personal injury law, immigration, credit, debt management, real estate, health and wellness, and entrepreneurship.

While not hosting his popular radio segments and educating his beloved community, Annakie keeps busy running three other incredibly successful businesses. The first, USA Credit Repair, was created after he realized the lack of credit and financial education available to minority communities. “Regardless of race, culture, or income level, credit issues can be impossible to avoid, but immigrant communities seem to be particularly susceptible to credit woes,” explains Annakie. Through personal relationships with his clients and partnership with some of the best financial advisors and credit experts in the industry, Annakie and his team at USA Credit Repair seek to help immigrant families rebuild their credit and begin their journeys towards financial freedom.

Annakie’s two other companies are both within the wellness industries. For decades, he had witnessed the high rates of obesity, diabetes, and hypertension that plagued his Caribbean community. It wasn’t until he learned that he too was at risk for diabetes being borderline. that he realized how dire this issue was. “I was so shocked to get the news from my doctor because I considered myself quite healthy, I ate well and exercised regularly,” says Annakie, “Unlike many other people in my community I had access to healthy food and exercise education. I founded BioLife Health and Wellness. to produce health products that would help others become more aware of their health choices.” BioLife Health and Wellness provides organic nutritional supplements to support health, boost energy, and help prevent chronic diseases. The products range from vitamins and supplements to protein powders. “We all have different health and life goals, we have created BioLife products to help you achieve these goals and ensure that your body receives the essential nutrients to respond to your lifestyle needs,” says Annakie.

BioLife Farms, Annakie’s second wellness company, is dedicated to bringing top quality premium THC-Free CBD products. This company was born out of the passing of one of Annakie’s son of 26 year old by way of mental health challenges and taking his own life. Annakie felt that there needs to be a nutrition focus on mental health. Their all-natural product line utilizes only the best ingredients and is carefully tested to ensure quality and consistency all at a reasonable price.

Whether he is leading a team or hosting a radio show providing poignant insights to his listeners, David Annakie remains singularly dedicated in his mission to help others. According to Annakie, “I feel empowered by the universal force. I believe that we are all connected by one energy and that we are one human family. For this reason, I believe that we need to help one another.”