Elora Cummins
3 min readJan 27, 2023


How to Put a Cap on Hair Loss – and Proactively Restore Scalp Health

No matter your age, there’s a visceral reaction that occurs when you notice the first signs of hair loss. Likely it involves a bit of an emotional shock, which in fact can be one of its causes. There was much stress-related hair loss during the height of the Covid pandemic, though the more typical reasons involve a genetic predisposition to baldness, an unexpected illness, or a particular medication you might be taking for said illness.

Nearly a decade ago, James Bartholomeusz, an expert in laser development for aesthetic technologies, began to experience scalp health issues, which led to hair loss. He consulted a number of well-respected dermatologists in his network, finally turning to his long-time colleague Dr. Amy Forman Taub, a brilliant mind at the top of her field. They began collaborating to find an optimal solution, resulting in the creation of KeraFactor®, products that can work preventively as well as proactively before hair loss ever starts. The focus is as much on restoring scalp health as it is on hair rejuvenation.

Backed by scientific advances, this is not your grandfather’s hair restoration remedy. With ownership of the whole process from inception to encapsulation, the newest technology from SkinQRI is the KeraFactor® Scalp Stimulating Solution with NanoFluorosomes™ which includes seven growth factors. With a warm yellow hue provided by the naturally fluorescent nanofluorosomes, this at-home solution is the first to include a potent anti-inflammatory and anti-androgenic compound. The encapsulation technology is as unique as the formula itself. The carefully curated proteins and growth factors are each wrapped in their own nanoliposomes, providing optimal absorption by the scalp to repair its health.

The KeraCap, a laser cap which was developed to be used in combination with the solution, has been proven to increase blood flow and circulation in the scalp. Utilizing red laser light, the cap substantially increases the solution’s efficacy, making it the ideal

one-two punch against poor scalp circulation and DHT. Users report noticeable results, such as higher hair counts and increased thickness, fullness, and strength.

The cap is an excellent at-home alternative to professional scalp massage. Use of the KeraCap with the KeraFactor® solution makes it one of the most effective home-care treatments available for hair rejuvenation and improved scalp health. Because there are no known side effects, you can feel comfortable using the Solution every day; the KeraCap should be used 3–4 times a week, every other day. Since KeraFactor® is a direct solution, and not a supplement, it can be

used to augment other products and treatments (so there’s no need to stop using something else in order to integrate it into one’s routine).

A premier collection of KeraFactor® scalp-stimulating products is available in an at-home kit, which includes the unique KeraFactor® Solution, as well as Hair Treatment, and a Wet & Dry Brush that can be used daily to massage the products into the scalp. Bearing in mind the different stages of hair growth, the products can be used as a preventative treatment as well as a restorative one.

Explaining the science behind the solution, James has likened a healthy scalp to a well-manicured lawn. Since many of the currently available products on the market address the cause of hair loss, but don’t do enough to support the rejuvenation of new hair, James likens this to weeding, without remembering to fertilize the grass; like that beautiful green lawn we desire, a healthy scalp needs KeraFactor®, which in this anecdote would be considered a ‘fertilizer’ for hair.

With an exponential demand for KeraFactor® products, there are major plans for expansion in the works, with an emphasis on helping their clients to achieve optimal scalp health as they make their journey towards hair rejuvenation.