Obray Cowan Releases Best-Selling Coloring Book to Help People Heal Through Art

Elora Cummins
3 min readMar 24, 2022

For acclaimed artist and entrepreneur Obray Cowan, mental health is one of the most important issues facing adults and children today. As the owner and CEO of Dermal Designz Tattoo and Piercing, Cowan has always been interested in the relationship between creativity and mental health.

And in recent years, he has been able to use his talents to give back to others, enabling people across the country to find peace and wellness through artistic expression.

“We all have those moments when we feel lost, when even if we have support systems like parents and friends, there are some personal things that we have to work through on our own,” Cowan says. “And that is where my drawing and creativity came from, channeling pain or that feeling of loss into something beautiful.”

Through his work creating personalized and beautiful tattoos, Cowan helps his clients design works of art that speak to their unique experiences. He believes that by doing this — by engaging in the creative process — people can work through personal tragedies and setbacks, achieving a greater sense of tranquility and personal peace.

“With art, you can let it all go and create something from that pain, or channel it,” Cowan says

It is more than simply coping with the pain, he adds.

“Coping is just putting a Band-Aid on it,” he explains. “With art, there are so many different ways that we can help society and people heal.”

Healing is particularly important these days, Cowan says — given the effects of a global pandemic, there are so many people who need a way to relieve their stress and anxiety. Because of this, Cowan is using his artistry to bring healing to people who truly need it.

“I was blessed enough during the COVID pandemic to create and publish a coloring book, which really aids with that mental health aspect,” Cowan says. “Coloring and being able to sit down and let your mind just flow, it was definitely something we all needed. So I was able to give back to the world in that way.”

Cowan’s coloring book, Coloring with ArtbyO, quickly found an audience during the pandemic. Available through most major online retailers, including Amazon and Barnes and Noble, the coloring book became a best-seller for adults and kids searching for a peaceful, creative activity.

Following the success of the book, Cowan developed a corresponding mobile app, allowing users to color on their smartphones, tablets, and devices — bringing his coloring book to more people than ever before.

“It is more interactive and a lot of fun,” Cowan says. “Kids can do it, and adults can do it too.”

Although he has been happy with the success of his latest coloring book and mobile app, what makes Cowan proudest is being able to help people heal from personal difficulties.

As Cowan says, art — and creative expression — can have the power to help you overcome any of life’s obstacles.

“Whenever things get shaken up in our lives, it can definitely affect us in a certain way,” Cowan says. “If you’re using these tools to heal, to delve deeper within your being, then I think that is a beautiful thing.”

Obray Cowan is the owner and CEO of Dermal Designz Tattoo and Piercing, the premier tattoo and art studio in Cornelius, North Carolina. To learn more about his tattoo work, please visit www.dermaldesignz.com.

You can purchase copies of Coloring with artbyO on Amazon, and the mobile app is available for Apple and Android devices.