Very interesting post Keith.
Bertrand Ternès

Hi Bertrand! Thanks for your comment and question. As for the AccommodationCalendar widget, I don’t understand why you’d need it to “sync two ways.” The point of a calendar widget is simply to show current availability. Just because a guest has submitted an inquiry, doesn’t mean that their requested dates should now be shown as unavailable (in fact, that’s not desirable behavior at all).

In our case, we typically don’t create a reservation and associated calendar hold until a contract is well in progress or complete. Of course, you need some sort of reservation management system where you can enter those reservations. I still use the VRBO calendar as our “master” calendar, but might start using Orbirental as our master calendar in the near future. Regardless of what back-end system you might use to manage your calendar, once a set of dates is booked, the display widget on your site will then reflect that.

One of the reasons I recommend Orbirental is that it has all of that integrated inquiry/calendar/reservation management functionality that you may be looking for. If you are looking to be completely independent of any third-party listing site, it provides a solution for doing that.

BTW, on a somewhat related note: One of the things I like about the Orbirental request quote widget is that its date selection fields are also aware of our booked dates. So prospective guests cannot inadvertently select/request dates that are not available. (The reason you would also display a calendar widget is so your available dates are shown “at a glance,” without forcing users to click to show availability.)

Hope this helps! Best regards, Keith

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