Nobel Laureates Press Obama on CIA Torture
Human Rights Watch

How can we reconcile the pessimistic reality — that the use of torture is nothing new at all, and that in this case it was anything but a one-off incident but part of a torture program, purposefully designed to fit a ruthless counter-terrorist agenda — with the hope that those responsible for the program will finally be held accountable? Especially since impunity seems to be a part of the program itself? I absolutely believe that this impunity must come to an end if we wish to maintain the rule of law, I just wonder how it can be done if the US government seems hellbent on sweeping it under the rug, in order to allow for more torturing in the future.

I believe we need to raise public awareness of the dangers of allowing deceitful narratives, designed to restrict fundamental human rights in the name of national security, to take grip and of the irreversible consequences of impunity in the case of the US torture program. Sadly it seems that the focus has shifted away from the US torture program since the SSCI report was released, and wrongdoers have gone unpunished.

Please have a look at my post on the topic:

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