Pocket wake park thanks to ELSIUM & FOLDAIR ( English version)

A year later, having both gained experience and having made more refinements to our products on both; In the video we follow the two bosses of FOLDAIR traveling Europe in a car packed with demonstration modules.

The ELSIUM team awaits in uniform at the Allaman beach, situated with an ideal depth and sandy shores.

Pocket wake park

On their side of things the ELSIUM team brought a barbeque, a pizza oven, 2 model 2016 machines and enough battery power to send everyone to rest for a week. 2 Phantom 4 pro + with batteries to record non-stop, ultra-fast 64GB memory chips to immortalise in 4k 60 images second.

Oh yes, I almost forgot, A music box fully equipped with Mp3.

Lets get to it.

Starting in the morning each company presented their products, and demonstrates how to set up the wake park.

New generation of Cable Park

All the ELSIUM team has as a mission to discover how FOLDAIR deploys their products on the water and learn in silence.

A couple of exchanges later, we accordingly set up the geometry of the ARIA cord to the obstacles.

For this special occasion we decided to set a new record; we set up the pulley 300m away, giving you 35–40 seconds of riding one way. Sebastien hangs from a tree branch approximately 10m high. A strenuous exercise but this guy is a monkey.


As an anecdote, the inertia introduced by this unusual distance will cause us to have to take out our laptop to “harden” the sensation to the rudder.

Sebastien, one of the fathers of ARIA, tests it first. Normal, the guy knows if his baby is acting right by the noise it makes.

After the first round he comes back with his usual smile. He is surprised that the sensation of freedom is even greater than usual. It has to be said with 300m of extra cord we can move 70m to the side. At that moment the machine has nearly one kilometre of cord.

Now the obstacles. Sebastien attempts the kicker, he flies. We inflate it to have a softer pop and more length (the advantage of having an air obstacle is to change its pop parameters) and hop Sebastien’s first jump is a success.

First Jump

On his first attempt on a slider, he falls. Normal, it nearly slides more than HDPE. In two tries we get used to it but this time the cord gets stuck in the obstacles. No worries, when we innovate we always trip. We call as back up a Phantom 4 that flies to help us with aerial video assist to align the obstacles perfectly with the rider’s path.

An hour later and a few riders further we realise that we are on a wake park! We comment on the obstacles and challenge ourselves on the figures, the Phantoms follow together like dragonflies but we are indeed at a wake park! And at home…

Inflatable SlidAir

C’mon we are at home, we open a refreshing drink, we toast to the partnership when it becomes evident that we have showed ARIA to one of the bosses of FOLDAIR.

Upon his return, I quote: “Wow it’s a beast, I wasn’t in any doubt that it would be good seeing the videos but I was not expecting this, well done guys, you are light years ahead of what I tested insofar as Winches are concerned” (his eyes sparkling, at ELSIUM we love it)

Even backflip is possible

A friendly, professional afternoon and an evening where we cleared up the proposals to come that will entice you.

To be continued…

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